Friday 16 April 2010

Slimming Thread

I have had a really bad week of should that be naughty week ha ha.
I always start the week with good intentions.
I did go the the Slimming World club and I did loss 1/2lb but really it was more down to luck.
I really struggle for main dinners only me on the diet and the others in the house not wanting slimming foods (sigh), but I have to get back on track this week, so if you have a favorite none fat Dinner you make please let me know in the comments.


Jackie said...

I've been on many diets over the years - what I find helps for main dinners is to try to grill any meat, or have small portions of whatever it is everyone else is having, plus large amounts of vegetables to fill up the plate!

Also, a glass of water before eating helps you get that "full" feeling a bit sooner and means you want to eat less.

Toni said...

smaller plate for me too now if its a Sunday roast or something we are sharing I figure a little of what everyone is having isnt going to be as bad as all of it and so far this week its working apart fromthe addiction to popcorn lol

welldone on the 1/2 lb xxx

mckinkle said...

Every time Ive been on SW I prefer green days so would get my DH to make me some curry spices and we'd make a big vegetable curry with boiled rice, its all free! He doesnt cook that much but when it comes to blending spices, he is the master and his curries are so flavour-full without any heat as I cant do heat!

If you want I can ask him what to do and email it to you?

Keryn x

ps. most importantly well done on your weight loss, it is still a weight loss!

Kimbo said...

Well done on your loss so far Jak. I would go for Quorn versions of family favories - Shepherds Pie, Chilli etc. If you don't tell them (and hide the evidence) the rest of the family won't notice :)

Villý Vilhjálms said...

Well done so far Jak :D

I'm trying to eat more healthily myself and found this recipe on the Biggest Loser site and suprisingly it's really tasty and doesn't make you feel like you are eating cardboard haha. It could do with a little bit of salt to make the taste pop though

I also looooove to make healthier pizzas. I use a tortilla, some pizza sauce, minced beef that I´ve dried the fat of and load it up with loads of veggies and sprinkle some cheese on top + jalapenos and pop it in the oven for about 10 minutes. You can make yours extra healthy and your family can add some ham, pepperoni, cream cheese or whatever if they don't want that extra healthy stuff ;)

I also have recipes for a few different types of really good soups that are loaded with chicken and veggies and are quite healthy :D I can e-mail them to you if you like.