Saturday 24 October 2009

What do you think?

My very wonderful talented friend Claire from Waltzing Mouse Stamps shared a bit of noises we make when getting old, Claire often adds at the bottom of her post "Hope it tickles" well it certainly tickled me into adding my own bit to it.

It goes something like this......

A workmate of Claire's hubby spotted that we make a noise when bending to pick something up when we get to a certain age. that noise according to Claire's spelling is"hhnnngh" whats worse is that Claire notices now that she makes the noise herself and now feels old.

My reaction to this was

"Ok yep I do this too and thanks for pointing this out to me lol!Now lets all have a reality check here because I'm damned if this nice Colin chap is going to get away with it,Claire and all your nice readers... are you listening?you know when you are getting old when...... you bend to pick something up and the hhnngh noise doesn't come out of the top end but it does come out of the bottom end (urghhhh) feel better now Claire???? (giggle)"

So moving on a little further my lovely buttonless man when younger noticed an elderly lady that was a passenger on the bus he used to drive making the same noise every time she got on and he named her Mrs Ooh Argh.

Now I'm turning this over to you to comment on, some of the comments on Claire's Blog are hilarious so I can't wait to hear what comes from my wonderful commenter's.


Craftylicious said...

well jak

youve made me smile, unfortunately i'm at the later stage where the noise comes from the bottom end, but i can neither but it down to old age or when i bend over. in fact i did one in bed the other morning and woke myself up, when my hubby asked "was that you" i denied it and said it was the cat .... lol

tracie x

Sheila - Ginger said...

Jak your post made me laugh this morning and yes I'm at the noisy stage when I bend down...I'm not owning up to the noises Tracie(above ) makes though!Lol! You made me laugh too Tracie!

Love Sheila xx

Liz said...

Don't know if I should own up to this but I am guilty of making a lot of those noises from the rear. I blame it on all the pills I am taking lol. x

Lynne said...

Ooh yes I can relate to the bending down noises although its strange but I can`t remember when they started. Getting on to Tracie`s flatulance lol
can we all remember a time when we would be mortified to do one in front of our other halves and then suddenly we don`t worry any more?
Love Lynne xxx

Kraftyaunt said...

Oh Jak.. your comments and those on Claire's blog - way too funny for the first thing this morning!! I was making noises as I sat here chuckling :-> I'm in the club, and lately I've felt like I'm one of your Paasche decoupage women!

Thanks everyone for the reality check and letting me know I'm normal.

Mad Mary said...

Hee, hee, hee, yes just had a good giggle on here and on Claire's Blog too. I watched a programme with Billy Connolly a while ago too and he said the same thing and reckoned it started when you were in your 40's. Well i am 47 and it definitely started in my 40's lol lol lol.

Mary x

Aquarius said...

Thanks for making me laugh today when it is a dark wet day and I needed cheering up - hilarious but so true!!

Beryl said...

It wasn't my husband who made me away of the grunting when I bent down - it was the parrot. He must have cottoned on a few years ago when my back was really bad. Thing is - he doesn't realise the back's better now and still grunts for me every time I bend down in the kitchen. As for the wind - he's quite good at that too.
Beryl xx

Sheena F said...

Oh Jak this brought a smile to my face this wet blustery night! And yes I do mean OUTSIDE! lol We had this conversation at work about making noises from top or bottom ends when we bend down now but one of my friends has actually admitted she now has involuntary moments of flatulence just when walking along the street! Lovely! NOT!

Sheena x

Ruthie said...

No No No - I didnt know about the "flatulance" when you bent over - dont tell me I have this to come!!! Yep, I can outdo my hubby in this dept! In fact, I keep saying that someone is following me around f**ting! THe noise comes from behind me but everytime I turn round the sneaky so and so has hidden again! It even followed me to Canterbury last weekend - luckily it stayed outside the Cathedral whilst I went in!!!

Sharon said...

Oh my goodness. I'm having a good giggle at all the comments and your post Jak. Thanks for providing a few laughs in this serious world of ours. LOL In case you were wondering... No, I haven't reached that stage yet, just checked with my daughter Kendall. LOL