Friday 2 October 2009

A Bit of Research.

Both Jim Harker (artist for la Pashe) and myselfwent out researching on Thursday and below is a few shots which tickled me.
The one below I just thought it was qaint with the round leaded window and lots of candles for the dark evenings.

Now this little baby is what I call an iron and us girls think we have it bad now!

Can you imagine having to spin the yarn before making the woolies for a hard winter?


Marge said...

Your photos are lovely -- bet it was a fun research trip!!!

I see your lovely blog candy is attracting lots of entries -- some lucky lady will be ecstatic when she wins!!!

Merry said...

What terrific that little window.

lisa said...

Love these Jak. That first photo is so interesting.


Angela Toucan said...

Fabulous photos. I relly love visiting the working museums - really helps me get my "hard" life in perspective.

Mad Mary said...

Wonderful pics Jak.I too love that window, it's gorgoeus.

Mary x