Saturday 21 March 2009

Shocking News

Well today I had to go out and buy a Mothers Day card, I had made one with a friend for my Mam but intended making one for my Mother in Law but unfortunately my hands are still not working.

Silly thing is I have a pile of cards but none that she hasn't seen already, now some good did come of it as I bought a hand made card that someone else had put the work into so at least I still did my bit for us crafters.

I'm thinking now that maybe a trip to the doctors should be made but it will have to wait untill next week.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your hands are still no better Jak, agree a trip to the doctors sounds in order. I hope you soon feel better. Under the circumstances I am sure your MIL will forgive you, it's the thought that counts after all.

Cazz said...

awww Jak, sorry to hear about your hands xxx Hope there are signs of improvement soon. I saw a "hand made" cards yesterday with a price tag od £2.25 and it was just a plain pink card with a die cut dress on and "Happy Mothers Day" in foil on the card itself - I was gobsmacked !!

pinky said...

Don't put off till tomorrow what should have been done today! Hope the doc can help.

Rita said...

So Sorry to hear about your poor hands Jak. I suffer badly with mine also and never really know when they go into a spasm. It is so painful too. Hope the doctor can give you something to relieve the pain. Hugs Rita xx

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you're still poorly, Jak. I'm sure the doctor will be able to give you something to relieve the pain- you shouldn't leave it too long before you give him a visit.

Alice (beemer)

Kim said...

I am so sorry to hear you are having so many problems with your hands. I hope they start feeling better soon, or the doctor can do something to help you.
I just found your blog, and have to say your work is beautiful! The christmas card below is stunning! All the free downloads look amazing, and I am going to have to try some! I also have to say....I LOVE your blog banner!! It's just awesome! I am off to have more of a look at your blog. I hope you have a good evening!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jak,
So sorry your hands are causing you a problem's bless.
I do hope the doctor helps!
Happy Birthday for tomorrow.
Gorgeous cake...
I'm so glad you have your mum and MIL stil. I wish I still had mine!

Take care.
Thanks for your beautiful gifts which you share on your blog.
Have alovely day
Mary K.xx

Nannieflash said...

Oh Jak, Im so sorry to hear that you are still suffering, Ive a friend who also has the same problem and she often finds that she unable to craft as well, and maybe a trip to the docs will hopefully help you back on the road to recovery we carnt do without you so please get better soon. love Shirleyx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak
I suffer from the same as you and I know exactly how you feel. The pain is bearable but the frustration because you can't do things is so hard. I've been so cold these past evenings that I've wrapped myself up in the duvet while watching tv, not a bad thing but my lady that I sell my cards too for her shop has asked for more and like you my hands are so painful. I get around my frustration by thinking"there must be someone worse off than me". \keep your chin up and try and have a lovely mothers day

Janet said...

Doctor's for you, Jak. I hope he has some 'magic' pills to make you feel better soon. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jak, you should have been to the Dr's before now. I am sure your MIL won't mind that you didn't manage to make her card. Take care and i hope you get some pain relief soon.

Lots of hugs

Mary xx

Linda said...

Sorry to hear your hands haven't got any better but hope that the doctor can give you something.

Wellnifty said...

I know the feeling, I had a problem 2 years ago with my wrists, there is nothing more frustrating than wanting to do something that you can't..go to the doctors..a.s.a.p. hope you get back to form soon
Chris x

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak. Sorry about your hands. I know what it is like.I have lost some use in my right hand.
& to go with it i have just torn my hamstring.& on crutche's.
But i am thinking of you.
Get well soon.