Friday 20 March 2009

Blog Candy Give Away Now Closed

This candy is now closed
So what is on offer? below is two pictures of what I'll be giving away to one lucky winner.
The first picture below there is a total of 85 Stamps including lady's moving home,sentiments flowers, borders, fashion and much, much more.

If that isn't enough to tempt you then of course there is this lot too.
Some very nice papers, cards, ribbons and a Brilliance Gold ink pad

How to win the candy.....

Post a link on your blog to this post then

Leave a comment telling me what got you to try crafting and what inspires you to make a card, scrapbook layout, sewing etc..

Entry to this will be closed at midnight GMT on the 23rd March 2009 and the winner will be announced at 7pm the next day.


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Unknown said...

Fantastic candy Jak!!

My sister wedding got me started at making cards (although I've always been crafty)
My inspiration comes from all my friends on my forum and of course all the wonderful crafty blogs out there - this one being one of the top!
Thank you for a chance to win - I'll go and pop a link on my side bar.

Sonya said...

What got me started making cards is my sister. She is a card maker and then also by seeing all the blogs and insperation out there. There are so many ideas and beautiful layouts. What motivates me is a new tiqnique, layout or stamp I want to try. Also the challenges motivate me to make a card. Thanks for the chance to win. Sonya

Unknown said...

I started by the usual knitting, sewing etc, then I did cross stitch. Progressed onto card making by visting a craft shop and thought I could do that. What inspires me is all sorts of things, sometimes the papers I have. A picture I see that I think could be made into a card. The latest purchase I make, which of course has to be played with immediately.
As a stamper, this is a fantastic prize Jak, so thanks for the opportunity of maybe winning.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Jak.
Well I have always been doing something - sewing/knitting/cake decorating amongst other things but card making has been the one I have stuck with. A QVC kit got me started and I get inspiration from online blogs (like this fab one); a new piece of paper; stamp or technique. In fact I suppose inspiration can come from just about anywhere :o)

Jan M

Nettie said...

i started card making because my older sister does it and they looked so fantastic that i couldnt resist trying. i kinda look upto my sister as my mum died when i was young so its nice that we have things in common and especially as we live so far away from each other. i get my inspiration from other people really and just my own ideas, i love being creative and the ideas just pop into my head! i love having a look around all the different blogs and seeing other people work.

Clare said...

Hi Jak, happy birthday for Monday. Thanks for the chance to win your fab candy. Either one will be great. I'll post a link on my blog now. Have a good weekend. Clare x

Allison Cope said...

Love visiting your blog Jak! Thanks for posting all your cool projects! Happy *early* birthday! My sister got me into scrapping by giving me a scrapbooking baby album just before I had my son. I've been scrappin' ever since!
I posted about your candy on my blog:
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak love your blog I got started by seeing all the cards on the forums and one of the first ones I was on was imagenation I just love looking at everybodys cards they are so pretty Its just amazing how they turn out
thank you for the chance
susie (scn)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak, thanks for the chance to win. I started crafting because 3 years ago I was attacked in my place of work and was severely beaten up. I have not worked since. I became very depressed and now take medication, and I am unable to go out without Hubby. My wonderful Hubby bought me a complete card making kit to try to keep my mind occupied, the best present I have ever had. Crafting keeps me sane and I am hooked!
Happy birthday for Monday!
Jackie P xx

Julie said...

Thanks Jak for this lovely candy, look at all those lovely stamps. A Happy Birthday for monday.

Julie x

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Jak, what lovely blog candy you have on offer.

What got me into crafting? It was just before Christmas 1994 when I was flicking the channels and saw a QVC programme with Dawn Bibby. I had become disillusioned with buying cards as buying ones for young boys and my husband was a nightmare so I thought I'd give it a go.

I get a lot of inspiration of being members of two Forums, constantly looking at blogs (as I'm not always up to making cards because of my health just looking at some blogs can cheer me up), things around me like the weather/seasons etc and the fact that since I was in hospital in 2005 for 7 weeks I vowed that I would make all my cards and 50% of everything I make goes to different charities. Knowing that I have raised just over £700 so far but hope to raise £1,000 come the end of the year with the help of inspiration from people of Forums, Blogs etc keeps me going.

Best wishes

Kym xxx

Anne said...

Hi Jak. Thanks for the chance to win your Blog Candy. I was brought up in a very crafty household, my mother, myself and sisters were always sewing, knitting, scrapbooking and embroidering any thing we were permitted to. We always made all Christmas presents and cards and this continued, first sewing, cross-stitching and then about 5 years ago changing to mainly paper/card cards, I now show others how to do this for enjoyment.

joolsedesigns said...

I started 14 years ago when I was looking for wedding Stationer for myself, there where no craft shops well not many a few art shops around. five years ago I was looking for a small photo book for my grandson to give his mum on her birthday and came accross a few craft sites and was inspired for us to make one from scratch.
I love making cards for people trying to make it a little personal to them

Kimbo said...

Thanks for the chance to win this lovely candy Jak. I started card making when I couldn’t find a nice enough 1st Christmas card for my nephew. I love trying new things, even if they don’t turn out right.

Lilacanglia said...

Hi, I started card making nearly two years ago, when i gave up smoking, and now just cant stop making cards, I have recently just started to do stamping as well,
have enjoyed looking through your blog, and will gladly leave a link to it from my blog, happy blogging,
and thanks for the chance to make my stamping more enjoyable with the chance to win these,
crafting huggies

Crealan said...

I started making cards because I love to receve a handmade card.
It's telleng me that the person who made it toke the time to sit down and think about me.
What more can you ask for....
Love your cards too!

Nicki said...

Have linked to your fab candy!
right - it started with my mums mothers day, spiralled from there, inspired by allsorts, papers, clours, images, once i get the idea in my head, have to put it down on paper and go from there!
love crafting and just experimenting with stuff to see what comes out too, thats the fun bit!
thanks for your candy!

Unknown said...

I have always crafted in some way, knitting and sewing when the children were young, then i had a bit more time and started to cross stitch and decoupage pictures, when i started to run out of wall space, i was looking for something else to try, one of the kids bought me a disney card making kit from argo`s.
well i was hooked and gone from one small box to a craft room full of stamps papers etc.
I think with papers crafting you can use lots of other crafts in your designs, parchment craft being one of my favorites.
i get lots of help and insperation from the forum i belong to and also some of the great blogs that are about.
i will add a link to your candy in my blog side bar

Yvonne said...

Me .. what started me crafting.. cardmaking, was Mum, she has a stroke in 2005,and i could not find a card that said what i wanted to say, so i made one and and from then i have not stopped.

Inspiration, urm lots. i think more from other crafters, and what they come up with . esp from sketches and how different the same sketch can look.

happy Birthday for Monday , and i hope you get treated like a queen ( oh and loads more craft) well you can never have enough,lol
Tahnk you for giving us the chance to win x

Unknown said...

Hi Jak

What an amazing giveaway!!

I've always crafted one way or the other and it was my daughter's birthday a few years ago & she recieved some lovely handmade cards & I thought ooh I can do that! And haven't stopped since. I get inspired by all sorts of things, sometimes the stamps or papers I buy, sometimes ideas I get from magazine or other amazing craft bloggers and also from challenges. I just love making cards.

Have put a link to your candy on my blog.


Jan x

Alenka said...

Great candy. Happy birthday .Your blog is very beautiful. You and others great "card making" ladies are my inspirations.
I started long ago, because I did not find any good looking card for a special person.
Thanks for the chance to win.
Sorry my English is bad, I hope you understand what I mean.

Debbie said...

Hi Jak. Thanks for giving the chance to win candy. I've alway done something crafty. Mum was always knitting, Nan painted china and made Lace. I've tried a catalogue of things. Cake decorating, pottery, stained glass, knitting , cross stitch childrens clothes and a few more to add to the list. My passion now is card making and I do it to see the smile on the recipients face. Thanks for all your inspiration and hope you have a fab birthday. Debbie M.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god! So generous you are. I just love creating and i love the way to the finished card. Hug

Craftylicious said...

gorgeous blog candy jak, how generous you are thankyou.

I could never find the right card when I needed one, so the solution make your own and thats what I did.

These days everything inspires me. I have a little notebook in my bag everywhere I go, so if I see something, a colour or pattern or plant, I can do a quick sketch so I don't forget. It is a great source of inspiration, though when your doing it at traffic lights and while in the supermarket , it can drive your hubby mad.

tracie x

Ania - "Z Papieru Tworzone" said...

Hi there :) Your candy is amazing!
I started as I was pregnant with my daughter. This is more than two years ago. Draws its inspiration from the life, family, friends, other blogs, beautiful papers and other materials to scrapbooking.
Hugs from Poland!

Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

I've been making my own cards for as long as I can remember. I remember giving cards when I was little...of course, I hope they're a bit nicer now Ü And I'm SO inspired by blogs like yours.

Kirsten...x said...

Fab candy thanks for the chance to win have linked to my blog.

I started crafting about four years age when i could not find any nice xmas cards so i thought i would make my own haven't looked back since or had any money as it all goes on stash lol...hugs kirsten...x

oswojone hobby said...

Wow Great candy!!! Happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

Love almost everything you make Jak and would like a chance to win the blog candy

Karen Jenkins

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak, thanks for the chance to win your fab candy!
I have always loved crafting, from knitting & cross stitch as a child.....then I discovered cardmaking while pregnant with Jack, too much time to watch shopping channels LOL The rest as they say is history!
I have put a link to your candy on my blog!
Thanks agaon, love Emma x

Sylvia R said...

Hi and thank you again for another chance to win your Candy....and Wow.

I started making cards with Cd-rom's but when i registered to the Imag-e-nation forum i was inspired by You, Karen J and Joanie.......and I wanted to do more with my card making ...the fist things i bought was a Cuttlebug, and the Glitter Girls Bookatix.....and have now turned my front spare room into my work area..I love your work when i visit the Sunderland Shop...

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Blog Candy Jak! I've always done some sort of crafting from being very young (which was many moons ago) I can't remember exactly when I started making cards, think it was about five years ago when flicking through the programms on tv accidently found QVC, bought one kit got hooked and now have to have my daily "fix" of crafting.
Happy Birthday for Monday

Teri said...

I've always crafted in some way. My mum taught me to knit as a small child. I went from there to cross stitch to embroidery to cardmaking .....

Sketch's inspire me. I love them and do quite a few now.

Great candy! Thank you for the chance to win :)

Teri xx

jea said...

What made me start to make cards was that i was going through a very hard time last year and i bought a card making pack from the £ shop and it has just grown from there but my fav thing to make is decoupage

Jen said...

I've always enjoyed crafting and art in some form but I didn't start card making until I got flu really bad one year and ended up watching Dawn Bibby on QVC. I just had to try stamping and have been hooked ever since.
Thanks for offering such great candy, I'll link you on my blog.
Jen x

Ruth (ooffee) said...

Thanks for offering this candy! I have put a link in the sidebar on my blog!

My friend got me into cardmaking ... and other friends encouraged me to try other projects such as scrapbooking. I am now addicted! I find that crafting really helps me unwind at the end of a busy day at work.

I make a lot of cards for my family to send to their friends and they always appreciate them which is a great encouragement.
Your blog, along with others, is a great inspiration too!
Ruth x

Unknown said...

What gorgeous candy! I do really hope I have a chance to win ^^.

I've allways loved to work with paper when I was a kid. Something I found out I still can have a wonderful time with just nearly a year ago. I think I bought my fist stamps on sale since then I just love it! Inspiration, hm.. I would say all wonderful blogs of how other has made different things. But also a special paper or another decoration. Or a special way to score a card that I would like to try. I can just say that crafting is wonderful! To do something with your hands in this digital world!

Thank you for this chance!

hugs alex

andria said...

HAPPY Birthday for Monday hon, i know your birthday will be one of Love Laughter n happiness, as these are what i wish for you n that you are treated like a queen and get to relax..(oh okie dokie maybe a card or two LOL)I got started two years ago my dad had triple byapass as we thought we had lost him and wanted to get those memories going...then after looking at all the card blogs went looking for a card and could not find one that i came back on line found few sites to get some more ideas and made some..always get inspirations from your blog and a few others..just found Gina k site and enjoy watching the tutorials..oh sorry for rambling have a wonderful wonderful birthday sweetie and thanks for the chance to win those awesome stamp sets(wow would def be in heaven) n the paper n ink pack(n floating in the clouds) wow what candy..huggles andria in australia

sue said...

great candy Jak, would love to win it
I started crafting when we went out for the day and I saw a craft shop and had a peep in and felt like a child in a sweet shop, I could not get enough, if only then I could see how much stuff I would have! LOL
great blog, thanks for the cjhance to win

Barbara said...

Yummy candy! The paper is gorgeous! I have a link to this post in my sidebar. I was blessed to be born into an artistic family so I have done all sorts of arts and crafts. Making cards is the best because I can use a wide variety of crafts on a miniature canvas. Thank you for the opportunity to win such wonderful items. And Happy Birthday!

miodo_oka said...

Hi Jak :o)
Thanks for offering this candy!
I have put a link in the sidebar on my blog!
Thank you for this chance!
What made me start to make cards was that i was going through a very hard time last year...
I find that crafting really helps me unwind at the end of a busy day at work.

I make a lot of cards for my family to send to their friends and they always appreciate them which is a great encouragement.


Rybiooka said...

These Smakowita cukierasy:)
Already I do not know the time I create something .... paper has always fascinated me .... Yes seriously look into scrapbookingiem less than a year ago ...
I'm looking for inspiration in everyday life, perhaps escaping from everyday life in the world of paper ...
I'm from Poland:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jak and Happy Birthday for Monday. It was Senorita Lynn who got me started on card making. I went over to Spain for a few days holiday and came back with a new hobby! In the past I have done tapestry, crochet, needlework (I used to make a lot of the children's clothes when they were young) and a bit of knitting, although o/h was better at the latter than I was! Now I just love learning new techniques and making cards for our friends and family.


Anonymous said...

I have saved your blog on the sidebar of mine-what a great blog you have. I got into crafting about 30 years ago-left it in my late teens - early 20's (booze, boys and music seemed more interesting) soon realised my 1st love was crafting and havent looked back since. Love stamping and altered art (using stuff from my recycling bin mainly). I am inspired by family, friends, music, nature an advert on the TV- - anything that gets me thinking.
Li'l Pidge

kalleinka said...

wow, what a generous blog candy... and a great blog as well.
I got started crafting in my early teenage-years with silk painting. And it went on and on until today. I changed my crafting attitudes quite often but nowadays I stopped with card making.
I put a link on your blog on mine.

many greetings, kalleinka

Marjana said...

Hi, Jak!
At first - happy birthday.

I am so happy, that I stoped at your blog. Your cards are so beautiful.
When I was ill, I started by making greeting cards. I love make the cards with flowers, bunch, so I really like yours. The punches are also my great love.

Last time I using stamps too and painting.

I want you to continue to create success.

Anne said...

Hi Jak,
Lovely candy your offering, my fingers are crossed lol
I've always been into crafts for as long as I can remember. I started out like most people with my Granny teaching me to knit and sew. Then I had a spell of crocheting and knitting for my own children until one of my friends gave me a card making kit. The rest as they say is history.
Inspiration comes from all sorts of places for me, I love blog hopping now (used to hate blogs too - boy is my face red) Sometimes it can be colurs that inspire me, if I see a combo I like I often try it out on a card.
I've left a link for your candy here

Anne x

Anonymous said...

I started crafting when I was about 4 or 5 when my Mother taught me to knit. I was knitting my own jumpers before I left school.
I also had a go at many other things - crochet, cross stitch, tapestry, interior design, glass painting and finally settled on card making. The only thing I really don`t like doing is SEWING!!!!
Happy Birthday Jak and thanks for the chance to win your blog candy.


Scrapishments said...

Wow, awesome blog candy! My name is Shannon, I have yet to try card making, but I do love making scrapbook pages :) I love being able to add embellishments to my creations, and have recently taken an interest in adding stamps to my layouts too!...hopefully after a little bit of practice, I'll be stamping in no time!

Jak, please feel free to visit my blog to win some blog candy for yourself :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jak

It is great of you to put all those things up to win.
Since I signed up to the forum I have had many help and inspiration of other forum members.
And have a nice birthday this coming Monday


Lisa F said...

Thank you for the chance to win! i linked you on my sidebar

I started scrapbooking when I wanted to do something special for my grandparent's wedding anniversary - I had a friend help me and was hooked! I love looking at other's blogs to get inspiration!

Anonymous said...

WOW what a fab lot of candy, I don't know if none bloggers can enter but thought I'd try anyway.
I've always liked making things and one day OH saw Dawn Bibby on QVC making some cards and he said "You could do better than that" so it's all his fault [:-)
Hope you have a lovely Birthday Jak.
Helen (a.k.a. Shepherdess)

Vivi Morais said...

Thanks for this oportunity to win this candy!!
So... I always loved all about art and, specialy, handcrafts. Here, in Brazil, we have a lot of different kinds of handcraft and I love this but I've never tryed any one, just to buy. So, three years ago I knew the scrapbook and I loved it... In that time, in my city there isn't no scrapstore and I needed to wait for one year for to do my first class... after this, I bougth somethings and make a lot of scrap. But... I didn't have much time to learn more and I stoped during one year, more or less, and I return to do last year.
So... I love scrapbook and all and anyone moments in my life are my inspirations. I know I need to learn alooooooooot Yet... because this, I'm always knowing and learning blogs about craft, like this yours.

Well... this is my history... sorry about some spellingmistakes, but I'm learnig english too.

Kisses from Brazil and have a nice weekend.

I added your blog on my blog sidebar.

J e a n i e said...

Leave a comment telling me what got you to try crafting and what inspires you to make a card, scrapbook layout, sewing etc..

Hi Jak~

A friend told me about your blog and the day I arrive you're offering wonderful blog candy!

I've loved making stuff since I was little--crafting was the perfect outlet. I'm inspired to make cards and scrapbook by all sorts of things: other cards or pages; a new technique that sounds just right for a card I need to make; ideas in magazines, books and online to name a few.

Thanks again for the opportunity to win some terrific blog candy!

Jeanie Salyer

Anonymous said...

Hi there Jak, what an incredible amount of terrific looking stamps and papers- thank you for the opportunity to try and win them. I don't have a blog, so I don't know if I qualify or not!
I got into crafting after an operation that went wrong and I was left in great pain. Hubby bought me a few things to save my (and his) sanity! I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be able to craft, but 8 yrs on and totally addicted. I get a lot of inspiration from a couple of blogs that I follow (like yours for example)
Thanks again and along with many others, may I wish you a very Happy Birthday for Monday.

Jen said...

Wow! Great blog! And great blog candy! I have always liked sending cards to keep in touch with family and friends - so it seemed like the perfect hobby that had a functional purpose too! Lots of things inspire me, but seeing other people's creations and ideas for certain supplies always helps to get me in the card making mood! Thank you so much for this opportunity to win!

All the best,


Regina said...

I hope I'm not to late.
What a great candy! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!
I have spread the word on my blog for your candy.
Since my childhood I am quite creative. Since many years I love cardmaking and papercraft, it is the best therapy for me!
Greetings Regina

Nikki said...

Hi Jak,
Well I started out with making cards and for my nieces and some little altered art projects, but my whole family has always been doing something crafty in one way or form. I just love how when you make something for someone it's OOAK item and not mass produced plus what's also helped is the challenges they make you want to try new thing out and keeps it entertaining :)
Oh and that Pile alone is more stamps then I own wow... what a treat it would be to win
I'll be adding your lushous candy on my blog now
thanks for the chance

Emilia said...

Wow, thanks for the blog candy!!!

eva said...

I can only dream of such candy.J live in Estonia.

sassyb07 said...

Hi Jak
Wow your blog candy looks wonderful, I sure would love to win it, LOL!
My sorority sister had a Stampin Up party, which got me into scrapbooking and then into card making. I am absolutely hooked on making cards. Sometimes I make way too many....can one ever make too many cards??? I think not, LOL!
Anyways, hope my name gets pulled!
hugs, Valerie

Danielle said...

Hi everyone:

I have been involved in one type of art and/or craft all of my life. either professionally (as a program coordinator for social services, an OT assistant in a psychiatric unit, and a program director for several agencies. When not working with arts and crafts, I was making something at home.

One of my earliest recollections and fondest memory is the thrill I would feel when opening a brand new box of Crayola crayons.... Loved the colours, the smell, the pristine tips, although I did look forward to using the sharpener...

Just to make life interesting, a couple years, I had a stroke followed by several mini strokes. I am one of the lucky ones, through hard work at the rehabilitation hospital I was able to regain full use of my hands and eyes. They say that a stroke destroys brain cells, but in my case I think they LIBERATED my brain cells.

I use to be an uptight artist, a kind of color inside the lines person... but I no longer worry about what others think of my work and create for the sheer pleasure of it. I am lucky to be supported by my best friend and love of my life - my husband Paul. He will buy me beautiful paper or embellishments as a surprise almost every time he gets paid! He also created a craft room/studio for me with his 82 year old father, while I was busy getting better.

Between us, I much rather receive these types of gifts than the traditional flowers. perfume, etc.

I can't imagine a day without creating something and making cards is my way of staying in touch with friends all over the planet. I love receiving happy mail, and that is why I create it.

I love this blog and never miss an update, thanks Jak.


I am practically joined at the hip to my computer because I am mostly housebound (I use a walker to get around now) so the www is my window onto the world most of the time.

Christine said...

I think I probably got into crafting when I was born because my mother is very crafty. I don't remember aa time when I didn't craft.

Now a days I get inspiration from the challenge blogs. I only started finding crafty blogs in Feb and since then I have made more things than I have in the last 5 years.

Those rubber stamps are making my mouth water.


Anonymous said...

I have always crafted in some form or the other, knitting, dressmaking, cross stich, cake decorating just to name a few but I got into card making as they were advertising classes in a local shop so I went along purely as I had just separated from my ex and wanted to fill a night in where I wasn't looking at four walls, well it just snowballed from there and 6 years later I am still making cards.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak,

thanks for the chance to win such lovely candy !
My Mother taught me many crafts... knitting, embroidery,dressmaking,crochet etc.I loved cross-stitch for many years and discovered cardmaking when going to the craft shows.The rest is history !!

Midge x.

Jamochka said...

Hi Jak!! Super candy you've got! I'd like to win.
I have posted your candy in my blog HERE

Bev said...

Hi jak what wonderful candy you are offering ty.
well I started making Jewellery , and a dear friend said to me you would love card making why not give it ago. so I got some bits from craft shop and yes she was right I loved it, sold the jewellery bits to buy more card making bits and never looked problem I have now is lack of space, I need a craft room. ty for your inspiration, la pashe papers and the free papers you post here. xx

Natka said...

Sweet candy!!!mmmmmmmmmm

Jamochka said...

Oh I forgot)))
My first try of making a card was born last year, when I wanted to make New year's cards for my friends. That time was amazing, I visited millions blogs and sites and took the inspiration from all over the world

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak

Please add me to your list of Candy hopefullys

Thanks for the lovely downloads and of course the inspirations

Have a great birthday on Monday


debra said...

wow this is some amazing candy you have
i got into cardmaking like:
i used to do cross stitch and other crafts for years and one day i picked up a magazine with handmade cards in it and went from there, it was so easy and there was so much inspiration but now i save my magazine money by following blogs etc and spending the money on crafty goodies i love blogging and looking at others work and sharing mine and tips with all my bloggy friends
you are linked on my right sidebar and thanks
hugs Dbera xx

Dol4i said...

Hi from Ukraine) How to see your candy .. immediately realized that I can not try your luck), and Take me)) 0
Here's my blog

ribenaruby said...

What a fabulous generous candy! I've had a thing about paper since I was little but only now through TV channels, blogging etc I have managed to unleash my passion for cardmaking. Thanks for a chance and I will pop your name in the jubbly list. Have a wonderful bright day!

Anonymous said...

I started making card two years ago when I received the traditonal Seasons greeting from a male friend.
His card was so beautiful and simple that I wrote to him to enquire where he found it.
With his help, I started card making...

I'm always browsing the web searching for inspiration.
I get inspired by a stamp, an image, a broidery : I then try to get the best from it.

I love experimenting new techniques !!!

Anne said...

Wow, thanks for the chance to win this fantastic candy Jak. I got started card making after an accident and I decided I needed more 'me' time. That was in 2001 and I've been addicted ever since.

Sandra Korten said...

Hi Jak,
Wow! I love this blogcandy.
Well, one time my niece showed me her scrapbookpages and at first I thought that's nothing for me!!! But one summer I was bored, because it was raining and I went to a store and bought my first kit. Since then I am hooked!! Several months ago I started making cards from my scraps and I must say, it's becoming an addiction. It is so much fun sharing everything through my blog (i just started one). So many nice responces!! Good luck with your crafting and I put a link on my blog. gr Sandra :-)

Francesca said...

Wow what Fantastic Blog candy, i started crafting when i was about 5 years old ,started with sewing then knitting,crochet, embrodiery then cross stitch and now card making

thanks for a chance to win i have added a link to your candy on my blog

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jak.
What got me started was looking at all those lovely hand made cards in the shops and not being able to afford them! I started with a basic kit and it took off from there. Of course, it costs me a fotune, now, as I cannot resist all the lovely stuff in the craft shops! Oh, well - c'est la vie!

Meher said...

Thanks for the chance to win all that candy.
My mother is my inspiration, since i was little i used to watch her design dresses, and come up[ with new combinations and colors, totally fell in love with it.
My serious crafting projects after growing up have been serious 'silk painting' i'm good at it too.
I have always dabbled in card-making, but right now, i'm seriously just making cards.

My inspiration, colors definitely, how i can bring them together and how many different things i can do with my paper.


Wellnifty said...

Hi Jak,
I hope you are feeling better, have a wonderful birthday and thanks for the chance of winning your lovely candy.I've put a link on my side bar.

I did the usual childhood things, colouring, cutting out etc, stopped in my teens as going out became more important, but in the early 70's,I started crafting again macramé, crochet, made huge paper flowers, lampshades out of paper cups, string art, earrings..etc then just gave it up. I can't remember why. I started making computer cards in the mid 80's, using clip-art and page-maker, then stopped again as other interests took over. Just over 2 years ago I was flicking through the shopping programs on TV and saw a card demo on C&C, that was it, I became hooked. Inspiration... well I get it from the TV, craft shows, lovely blogs like yours and forums.

Chris x

Jelenka said...

Wonderful candy! Thanks for the cahnce to win.
Greetings from Estonia.

Aquarius said...

Wow what a heap of stamps - I have been doing needlecrafts of all kinds for too many years to mention and about 5 years ago decided to make cards for friends and family.. My obsession has grown from that and I have a house full of all sorts of 'stuff' - I need never be idle!

June said...

Hi, thanks for offering so much lovely blog candy.
I first started crafting after being unable to work anymore due to severe arthritus at a youngish ( lol pushing 50 now hehe ) age. this was around 4 years ago. I wanted an outlet for all the art inside me and found crafting on the internet so began with cards and now make so many other things too.
I am inspired by other crafters works, beautiful cards and atc's and by my grandchildren too as they like to learn about crafting now as well.
Thanks again for this and also i have added myself to follow your lovely blog
Hugs June x

marilynmurphy said...


I started crafting when I had to make a Christmas card for a friend.
I love making cards especially when it's hand delivered and I can see the expression of delight when they open the card.

Many thanks for sharing so much also for desiging all the Flippin cards. I have such fun making them



Anonymous said...

So much lovely stuff! I`ll do my very best to explain in english about my intrest in cardmaking, I really hope it will turn out understandable..
I started to make cards about three years ago. One of my friends has done cards herselfe for many years, and I had never thought that I could do it myself, but she showed me that it wasn´t so hard as I thought it was. Now, I just can´t stop!
I make cards when I need a card, and I try to make a card in a style that I know the reciver will like. I think that´s importante! I get inspiration from all the lovely papers there are, and then I search for the right motive for the card.
This is true a lovely hobby, I think!
Karin PG from Sweden, with a very rusty English... =)

Linda said...

First of all Jak, thanks for the chance to win the lovely prizes.

I got into cardmaking, when I moved from Scotland to Saudi Arabia in 2004 and couldn't find the types of cards I that would normally have sent. So decided to have a bash at making my own and haven't stopped since.

When I make a card I try and tailor it to the person or the occasion. I feel the receiver appreciates the card much more when they can see you have taken the time to personalize a card.

Inspiration comes from sources, it could be cardstock, a photo, a stamp or even another card which I like.

Thanks again for the chance to win this lovely candy.

Anonymous said...

My first real crafting was cross stitch about 12 years ago where I made lots of pictures then got hooked on making them into cards. Next I attended a card making and present wrapping course, and I was hooked! Have been making cards for about 5 years now and sadly have not cross stitched since then.

Would love to be included in your draw Jak, many thanks.

Rachel B said...

Thanks for the chance to win. I have linked you to my sidebar to give you a little shout out about your blog and candy! Hope it gives you some more viewers, but not too many so I might still have a chance! Your blog is great!
Rachel B

terrie said...

What got me started to make cards
is the reaction I get from my family and my firends when they receive a card from me...
I also get lot of satifaction when a card turned out the way I want it to be...
There is alot of talented people out there and each one is unique so I feel that my cards are unique too...
Several people could used the same background paper and in return you will get several different cards, which I love to see...
I just love to make cards and see the warmth in people faces when they look at it over and over again...
Plus linking on other blogs I get what you are doing is giving out the surprises and getting a chance to win a few items that I don't have...also I notice that generous heart like yourself is the greatest on card making site...
Thank you all you give out on your site.....sincerely, terrie

Anonymous said...

Wow, what fabulous blog candy, thanks for a chance to win! I posted the picture of your candy with a link in my sidebar.
What got me into cardmaking were gorgeous Sarah Kay handmade cards that I saw and loved very much. What inspires me to make cards are usually beautiful stamps.
Have a great day

terrie said...

I also put your blog info on my blog so people can check out your blog....sincerely, terrie

olga said...

I hope for good luck)

lalalla said...

Hi, great candy! wow soo many lovely stamps and papers:) here is my blog

My first attempt to craft was few years ago when I decided to make handmade Christmas cards for my friends,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak, don't know if non bloggers can enter but no probs if not, I always have a look on your blog just to drool over your beautiful cards, lol! I have always been interested in 'art and craft'. I always preferred to buy a cut out dressing up doll book with my pocket money, rather than sweets. Got hooked on dressmaking when I was 10 and I created my first skirt at my junior school, have done knitting, crochet, tatting; love embroidery and cross stitch then found card making and scrapbooking!!The only thing I can't do for toffee is draw and paint. I get my arty side from my dad - he's been dead a long time, but he was a wonderful pastel artist. Wonderful candy you are offering. Hope you are continuing to feel better - I have psoriasis, and the associated joint pains, so I feel for you.


Linda w said...

I have been crafting some thing or other my entire life. My Mom was always doing something too. I remember covering I think it was wheat with tiny squares of colored foil. Each grain was covered in a different color. It was gorgeous when we finished it. I started stamping when I went to an at home party over 14 years ago. What a wonderful change to my life when I got started stamping.

thanks much

Samantha Carlton said...


Thank you for the chance to win your candy, I have linked up your site and started spreading the word!

I dont really know what started me crafting, but I love BLOGS! how would we all share our wonderful creations if we didnt have our blogs.


PS I am also a follower too :o)

cardsandacuppa said...

Fab candy, thanks for the chance to win
Hugs sarah-Jane xx

Angela Mclean said...

Hello, what inspries me to paper craft is the look on people's faces when they get something homemade for a special event.... priceless.
Angela. xxx

Татьяна Шаргородская said...

Hello! I've linked your candy on my sidebar under the section "Blog Candy".
Usually the new scrapbook stuff inspires me to make a card... And the works of other people...
Thanks for a chance to win!


Nannieflash said...

Well what a lovely lady you are two lots of blog candy, surely it should be you receiving lovely birthday presents, anyway Jak thank you and Ive posted a link on my blogspot for you. love Shirleyx

Marcea said...

O wow Jak, what wonderful candy you are offering. I first started making cards almost 2 years ago when I realised that I needed a hobby because my husband works shifts and my teenage son was busy doing his thing. My mum made cards and I just thought I would have a go ..... wow and now look at me, toal craft junky, lol. So many things inspire me. It can be papers, stamps, some of the fabulous sketches and of course - the wondreful creations of my fellow bloggers! Keepinf my fingers crossed :o)
I have posted on my sidebar Jak, thanks again for the chance of this super candy

Emma said...

WOW what fantastic candy you have :) ive added u to my blog.

I bought some stamps when i first started my cards and peel offs and didnt really have much of a clue what to do with them proply! lol :)

Em xx

-Agnes- said...

Hi jak, I have linked to your post here. My mum got me started on crafting when I was a child... she was always making presents, all sorts of crafts. What inspires me most now is my stash - there are always things I haven't used for a while.

Anonymous said...

Hi, very big candy Jisses!!!:) Soo many many lovely stamps and papers:) I will win:) Lena

scrappin{jewlz} said...

omg, those papers are so beautiful, and what a yummy pile of stamps!

I have always done scrapbooks, since I was a kid, and evolved to papercrafting just before my daughter was born. I get my inspiration from things I see in life, whether it is color schemes, design elements or textures.

Linda . J said...

Wow beautiful candy and thanks for the entry I will post you in my candy jar. OK what got me crafting my friend suggested I go along with her to a card making class, I was having a hard time doing my BSC exam and it was a way to relax and take my mind off things. Now I am hooked and in my last year of my BSC but a lot more relaxed.
Hugs Linda

Christine said...

Hi Jak happy birthday & thanks for the chance to win your brill candy. I have always been a crafter
knitting, x stitch, sewing, bridal wear,upholstry, nana was a seamstress so its in my blood as it were, card making for 4yrs, or so, saw it on telly & thought yes I can do that, stamping is a passion at mo. off to link you to my fairly new blog.

hugs Christine xx

Malin E said...

Så wounderful candy and so nice of you to give us the chance to win this!
I actually get my inspirations from blogs, I love loking around the internet and se all the goergeous stuff people make and then I also want to create!
Thnanks again får the chance!I made a link on my blog!
Malin from sweden.

sheffsue said...

Very generous candy Jak...and thank you for the chance to win. I started card making when I was diagnosed with M.E. nearly 4 years ago and needed something to save my sanity. Haven't stopped since and I'm learning something new every day. Inspiration comes from everywhere. Just open your eyes and really look at every day things around you.

Anonymous said...

Love this candy! here is my link:

What got me to start scrapping, making card etc from the beginning I can´t even remember. But what inspires me the most is definately my son. he is my everything!

Lana Clarke said...

HI Jak, Firstly 'Happy Birthday' for Monday and secondly Thanks so much for offering such wonderful candy ;0)
Well I have been obsessed with paper from being about 5 and then I started knitting which then led to clay modeling this then got me interested in jewelery making and well the rest is history... lol
Thank you for being such an inspiration
Lana x

Creativika said...

Hi! I like your candy! :) And I linked it in my sidebar. What got me to start scrapping..Well, everything started when I saw one crafters's wonderful cards and scrap-pages.I thought "wow, this is great!!! I LOVE these things!" So, I thought that I can also try to scrap myself..I don't regret. Now I can really say that scrapbooking is SO important in my life, I cannot imagine my life without it... :) There are so many pages and cards that inspire me!
Best wishes!!!

COSTAR said...

I love your Candy and put a link on my Blog.
What started me making cards. I just love to get handmade card and know lots of poeple love to get them. i put my love and arts in it and hop they apriciate it. I think it is just so much more than a store bought one.

Annika said...

I started crafting after buying a cardmaking kit in the DIY store totally by whim :D Wasn't very happy with how less creativity that kit allowed, so got more stuff...and more...and more - and now it's taking over my spare room totally! :D

Thanks for a chance to win!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak
Amazing blog candy. I began making cards after I had a stamps class. I always sent cards to family members and friends for Christmas so I started making my own. After a while I extended to birthdays, and retirement cards for my hubby's workmates who are retirering. What inspires me; blogs like yours, pictures. fashion catalogues for colors, in fact many things that are beautiful!
I don,t have a blog. I hop I can participate in this great drawing. Thanks for a chance to win!

Cardmaking Galore said...

hi there, lovely blog and candy. thanks for the chance of winning. I have left a link on my blog.

I made my first card after I spent some days in hospital. Christmas was soon coming and I started making cards for family and friends. I still kept some of them to look back at my early craft attempts

Debs said...

Hiya, I saw a lady heat embossing and was mesmerised, i couldn't get enough of it and that was 8 years ago now, crafting helps me to relax
and just look around everything is so inspiring especially nature.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak,
Great blog candy, I don't have a blog but hope I can enter in the draw. I started making cards a few years ago, after I had a big back operation and couldn't do pottery anymore, which used to be my big love! Cards have taken over in a big way, and your site inspires me a lot. Happy Birthday for Monday,good health for the coming year.
Val Steele (N Z)

Karen Sue said...

What a great RAK, those look like some really fun stamps, thanks for the change to win them.
I started making cards when I realized how much my family was paying for them, at first they didn't believe that I could make them the same quality cards, but I've proved them wrong and now they wouldn't use any other. lol
I got into scrapbooking through internet scrapbooking boards. I had been planning to scrap for years but never got the start and inspiration, now I scrap every change I get.

Mirna said...

Wow that's a lot of stamps! Great Candy. have a nice weekend!

Carolynscrapbook said...

It's nice all the best, thank you very much for this candy, I scored and I post on my blog. thank you very much for my inspiration to do my work with photos to be put, and I love to use flowers, lace, ribbons, papers like the pink and chocolate and animals.


Tracey Feeger said...

Gosh what got me into crafting. That is a hard one as I started drawing/sketching at 21 and then mosaicing followed - that became a passion, then followed Scrapbooking when I had my first child. OMG an abundance of things you can do to a LO and have just recently discovered stamping and cardmaking. I take so much pleasure in giving a handmade card to someone as they know I made it and it is even more special. Thanks for the opportunity for such great candy.

Becky said...

I just found your blog on Rubber Stamp Tapestry's blog. I have been stamping and scrapping for a little over 2 years. My sister actually got me interested when she was making a scrapbook for her daughter. I decided I wanted to try my hand at cardmaking and a stamper was born! Check out some of my stuff at: stamper'

Crazy Creations said...

My hubbt on day said I neededto find a hobby I started scrapbook then I went to this card class that had stamps and that was it I was hooked ,I love cards they put smiles on people faces Thats the other reason I do it Sarah

sonia said...

Hello Jak i started to craft when i was in hospital few yrs ago i had a major operation and the lady in the next bed to me was making paper embelleshments i was so interested she let me have a go...On the day she left hospital she said she would visit me the next day... I was surprised when she turned up the next day with a small amount of crafting items and a magazine i have been crafting ever since the lady who was called julie has sadly passed on but i am still in touch with her daughter sarah....

Kim said...

Wow, what incredible blog candy! Thank you so much for the chance to win! I have posted a link to you in my sidebar!
I got into stamping when I was pregnant with my first son. I wanted to make a special birth announcement and couldn't find anything that I liked enough to buy. So....I started buying stamps, inks, all the fun stuff! That was 22 years ago now! And I have enjoyed every year of stamping and collecting! LOL
Have a wonderful evening!
Kim P.

Anonymous said...

What great candy you are offering,I know I won't win even if I was the only one on here,but I wanted to tell you why I started craft and why I still love making cards it was to save money and to see if I could do it. I started making card about 6yrs ago, think of them now they were abit naff,then 3yrs ago I had a cancer operation, crafting keep me going,then I lost my neice and I made a memory book for my sister,never having made one before it was painful yet it gave me great joy. I craft when ever I can and I love the things you do Jaks. I would have every crafting product going if my Bank manager would let me. But just enjoy life and craft its great.

Jean B

Sharon said...

Thanks for the fun got you posted on my blog at

Angela said...

Well, I scrapbook because I want that my little daughter remember in the future, all the special moments she has been through her life.
I´ve linked your candy in my blog. A kiss from Brazil!

Bunny B said...

Seeing all the lovely creations others made and shared made me want to do the same too!
bunnybx at gmail . com

Suzy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suzy said...

What a faboulus candy. I wish i win some stamps.

I put the link on my candy bar.

How i start to make cards? Looking athhers, i wish to make them. I need someone for birthday of friend ond so on. Now i love making cards.

Moni said...

Love it, gorgeous stamps, thanks for the chance to win it! I linked you on my blog!
I started to craft because my sister wanted me to make her card! My frst scrapbook was when I was in age 21.
Hugs, moni

Meital said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Meital said...

great candy! would love to win it!

i first got started few months ago when participated in a forum on the web.

here is my link:

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak,
What fantastic blog candy - it is so generous. I don't have a blog, but I thought I would leave you a comment anyway. It was my two grandmothers and my mother who got me crafting - one grandmother - my dad's mother, who died many years before I was born was an artist, and the first woman to graduate with a fine arts degree from the university I later graduated from (BA) - and the other grandmother, my mum's mother was totally into crafts and taught me to knit, crochet, embroider and sew, etc, along with my mother. They both died years ago now, but I know how much they would both have loved stamping and papercrafts if they had lived to stamp with me. I get my inpsiration from many places, but particularly from nature.
Anne - dinkuminkum at yahoo dot co dot nz.

Noa .d. said...

well, that was my aunt - when I was little, every time we came to her house she played with me in her craft room and taught me everything I know.
My main inspiration is the blog, and the crafters on you-tube!

thank you for the chance of winning :)


Unknown said...

I don't have a blog so unfortunately I can't link this giveaway. Hope you're still willing to count me in. (I'm also your follower through bloglines)
I was always in a crafty enviornment, as a kid went to "school of arts" and I think living a cerative life is just a embedded in me.
When I grew up, in university years, I felt this itch in my fingers. Finding an online crafts forum in my country was very inspiring and today it's a part of my everyday life.

Julie xx said...

Ive always had a bit of a creative side, my Granma showed me how to patchwork with her old treadle machine when I was small, no health and safety in those days lol, I dabbled as the kids were growing up but didnt have much time as I was on my own with them..then my Sis, Jo is 100% responsible for a whole quarter of my living room being used as a craft corner lol. Id watched her make it look so easy and decided to give it a go, she set me up with a few bits and bobs and Ive never looked back, even on bad days when my hands are painful I know I can twiddle. x

Natalie Z said...

Wow Great Candy and fantastic blog.
I've linked your candy on my sidebar under the section "Blog Candy".
Thanks for the chance to win.

Anonymous said...

I start crafting 5 years ago When my DH got very sick and almost died when I was 30 y with 2 kids. when he was in hospital I couldn't sleep at night and cry a lot and need the time go by till morning. so I start crafting with many thing. 5 years and he is still with me + new baby so now have 3 kids and they are my inspiration of my card. love baby and kids card. I had a friend who didn't believe in me and my card and my DD inspire me to believe in myself and love what I did, and I am doing my baby step now with card and love them.

just wish all a good health, Happy holiday and you a happy Easter

val090 said...

I started off as a cross stitcher but did so much I burnt myself out! My friend did scrap booking and card making and once sent me a beautiful birthday card with scissors and needle and thread on. I thought I would have a go and have been card making ever since.........Not touched cross stitch since...........and even making cards for the same friend!! Inspiration comes with seeing just what other people are doing. I have always been good with colours so it helps alot!

Smartisazou said...

I start to making card when I discovered Stampin'Up! and since this time, I never end to make it ! I love using sketches and challenge on blogs to inspire me.

I linked you on my blog

Anonymous said...

Out of pure boredom I began to self teach myself different crafts at a young age. Over the years so many of my friends helped me go from one craft to another until I found rubber stamping. The brakes have stopped and I just love paper art.

I so enjoy all that you create and that you share you passion with all of us. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak, I don't have a blog but good luck to those who do :-)
I've been card making for a couple of years but still class myself as a beginner, I have always enjoyed making things so thought I would give card making a go.. I love it. I find the crafting community as a whole is very friendly and always ready to help. Thank you so much for all the inspiration that you give me.

Hope you have a fabulous birthday on Monday and enjoy your second cake LOL.

Mandie xxx

Anonymous said...

I think the thought of making an album for my service army drove me to look for inspiration tips and techniques; that how I found myself in this craft world.


Chen R. said...

I always had a creative side in me, I used to work with children and that's how I started with card making. In time, I've discovered BG and others and eversince this is my favorite craft.
Here's a link to my blog, where I put the pic of this candy:

may-chu said...

Hi there !
I've been drawing for a long time and when I looked for something to do for a birthday card for my beloved, I met scrapbooking and craft and fell in love :)

blogged here:

Anonymous said...

The blog candy is awesome!!! I've been crafting since I was a teenager,but first got into rubber stamping in 1999 at my cousins stamp party she had. I've been rubber stamping since then and started scrapbooking shortly after that. I love making my own cards for people.

Gail H.

Anonymous said...

Lovely jubbly Jak! I'm afraid I don't have a blog of my own - too busy following other peoples!I have always done something craft wise - cross stitch, knitting,cake decorating, but card making began as a form of recouperation/diversion therapy whilst recovering from illness and treatment and has since taken over my life. All the money I make goes straight back to the hospital where I was treated - I don't even take anything out for expences or materials. Viv xx

Maria Matter said...

Hi Jak!
Wowzer, 85 stamps plus paper & ink!!! That is so very geneorus of you!!!! Thank you!
I started crafting with rubber stamps after attending two Stampin' Up parties...that's all it took & I was hooked!!! What inspires me? The people I make my cards for! I love the challenges and when I decide which ones I'll use then I think of the people who need a card/smile!
I've linked you on my candy blogroll here
Joyful Stamper
Thank you!
blessings, Maria

ScrapgalGR said...

I wanted to make a special album for my newborn niece, something that would "grow" with her and also something where I could add some journaling and other stuff, and while browsing the net, I found out scrapbooking! It was exactly what I wanted, and I'm really happy with the progress of my project, it is something that my niece will cherise when she grows up! I started with one album, now I have various, for other projects, I make cards, all sorts of cute things, it is really amazing where I started and where I am now!

Ivolina said...

Wonderful blog candy. I never have see so much stamps on the one place.
For crafting. A friend of mine started to make scrapbook album for her grandson. I like it very much but did not decided to make whole album, so started to make cards. Now I am making them because I like to do it and there so many interesting thing about cards I have not try yet.
My link is here

Carol said...


I know the big guys have had a fair few knocks - but, Alan and Barry on Ideal world then I found Imag-e-nation met loads of supportive and fellow minded people and with yourself and PeeJay encouraging me, a couple of years later I did a couple of card making courses and now could do with a craft house LOL!!


WiKi said...

I guess a bordom got me to try crafting.

Blogs like yours, and you are what inspir me to create!

Thank you :-)

Anonymous said...

Fab blog candy, am loving the build a blossom downloads, thanks so much

Jules001 (imag-e-nationer)

Katarina said...

What an amazing candy! Can't believe you're giving away so many stamps!

I'm mostly a stamper, but I started with repainting jewelryboxes, decoupage and things like that. What got me started was that I was very bored living in the small town I had moved to to study. There was nothing to do there, I had just moved from home and the town had this little craftshop I got interested in. I also started sewing clothes for myself being on a budget as a student.

I've written about your candy on my blog. Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed until you make the draw, lol.


Bea said...

i was flicking channels around ten years ago and came across Dawn Bibby and thought oh that looks interesting ,sent for a kit and the rest is history... Bea ...(imag-e-nator)

Anonymous said...

i want


Anonymous said...

Hi There,

Well i have alway's been around crafting in one way or another, most of my family does different craft's, so we all have a mingle,
I did buy a parchment craft starter kit from the tv and once i see all the other crafts they had i was spoilt for
Love to try anything new...
Thanks for the fab chance to win your gorgeous candy....
Off to link you now..
Hugs Angel

thescrapmaster said...

Lovely candy!!

Here is my blog post:

I have always been craft, but I tried scrapbooking because I moved away from my friends in high school and wanted to preserve the memories. I get inspired by everything, colors, papers, other people's projects, etc.


Anonymous said...

I started scrapbooking about 2 years ago when my grandson was born, never did anything with my kids pictures, now I am trying to organize them too, boy what a job, well anyway I needed a B-day card one day and couldn't get to the store so i thought I had the all of the supplies that I needed and so another card maker was born. I am still not very good but I must say I am getting better.

staceykt22 said...

I've always loved crafts. My mom is a crafter too, so I guess I owe it to her =)

ikki said...

A fall and the resulting knee injury that confined me to bed for a week and the boredom that followed - set me off painting peel-offs - and then I was hooked good and proper!!! What a great candy offer - many thanks for the chance of winning. Will link you. Thanks, Great blog very interesting. ikki

Lisa Vega said...

I think I was just born with the need to be crafty. Since i can remember, I've had either a glue gun, or some type of adhesive in my hand. I get inspiration form everything. Especially from my lovely family! I love seeing my kids grow up! Thanks so much for the chance to win! Have a great Day!

Tertia said...

Wow!!! That is great candy! My mother got me started, in fact I don't think I can remember a time that I wasn't doing some craft or another.

Karen Lindsay said...

I got started when I decided I wanted to make a special handmade card for one of my grandsons' 5th birthday (I recently made his card for his 10th birthday). Since I had only a small collection of Anna Griffin clear stamps I had gotten from QVD, I used a photo of my grandson, the alphabed/number set and lots of 3-D stickers and glitter glue on a construction paper card. I didn't take a picture of that one, but wish I had. From that point, I went in search of card-making materials and discovered the LSS in Billings, MT, and some wonderful instructors, one of whom was Julie Koerber ( I was hooked!!

Aunty Sue said...

Hi retired on ill health and had done everything with my family 1st and now it was me time. Always did crafty things when i could. Joined docraft forum and made friends and it is them that inspired me and all the lovely cards that crafters make. Off to post link on my side bar. thanks for the chance to win this amazing candy.

Annita said...

fabulous blog candy

I got started papercrafting seriously about 5 years ago, have tried pretty much every craft known to man, but kept going back to some sort of paperart. since I started scrapbooking and stamping I haven't looked back *Ü*

hugs Annita

shelly said...

What a beautiful blog I will try to equal the lottery win publishes my blog

Jacqui said...

I really don't remember what got me started as I've always been arty§crafty..... my inspiration is on vacation currently but I usually get inspired by blogs, galleries and the such. Love your blog.

♥ Mys ♥ said...

Hi! I`m not sure what got me startet with crafting, I`ve always loved making things; like drawings, coloring pictures with my kids, cross-stitching and more. Now it`s card I`m into. Haven`t done many yet, It sure takes its Thanks for the chance to win *Ü* Hugs

Petraso said...

WoW what a candy!

I`m very inspierd to make card how is very personal so i use lots of not scrap things as deko at my cards To make scenes and I get inspired of thing in my surronding.... and are some times crazy and some times very ordinary You never no what i do the next day....

Dawn said...

Wow this is amazing candy - I started crafting about 3 years ago - my friend and I needed something to do during the long dark nights in the winter - we saw a card class advertised and the rest is history!!

I think I'm inspired by colour and the wonderful inspiration in blogland, sometimes I'm in my bed and a colour scheme or an idea pops into my head then I can't sleep!!! LOL

Will add you to my candy box on my blog!


Artyjen said...

I can't say what got me into crafting because I seem to have been at it all my life!
I'm not content unless I am making something, and just about everything inspires me, my brain is full of images that I want to do something about but a little something called "work" seems to get in the way. Oh I wish I was a bohemian, except I reckon you need a good supply of cash to be succesful at that!
Thanks for the chance to win.

Anonymous said...

I have always been a crafter, my mom taught me well. My 2 young daughters have also been bitten with the crafting bug. All is good! Thanks for the chance - such great blog candy!

Alex (Paper-and-More) said...

It´s Great!
Your Candy is so Cute!

Hugs from Germany

Michelle Forrest said...

Wow! Awesome blog candy. I added you in my Candy Jar.

I got into card making after going to a SU party, but then got away from it, but found Splitcoast and got reeled in all over again. I can be inspired by anything . . . a color, a shirt, a challenge and really can't go more than a couple of days without stampin' something.

Thanks for the chance to win some amazing candy!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, your candy is fantastic.
I got into crafting about 6 years ago when I had to prepare my own costume. I've been doing crafts ever since and I just can't have enought of it...

thank you for the chance to win the candy!

littledado said...

Hi, thank for the chance to win this great stuff!!
My inspiration comes from my two lovely dogs called didi & dado!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lovely giveaway!
I started crafting since young (around 7 years old) where I made tiny little gifts from paper and glue for my best friends. My mom crafts too, I think I got it from her...
I believe that pretty things filled the world. Everything around me inspires me to create.
I posted a post in my blog regarding the give away and you've always been in my list of "They Inspire." links.

Unknown said...

I craft to "release". I love working with my hands!

Linked to your candy on my blog,


carine said...

great candy..i started after taking a photoshop started with digital scrapbooking..but you never have something to show,the digitals stay's on the computer,so i started to buy some papers and give it a try,now it's about 3years that i make scrapooks and about 1 year i make cards..and the digitals...only for big amounts of foto's

Helena said...

Jak, what lovely blog candy you have on offer. Thank you for the chance to win! i linked you on my sidebar. Have a great birthday!!
My first attempt to card making was years ago when I decided to make Christmas and Easter cards for my friends.


Unknown said...

Excuse I badly I speak in English your candy very sweet
I wish to take part

Hege-Annie Simonsen said...

Hi there! What a great blog you have - and such a great candy generousity! Thanks for the chance to win!

What started my crafty life?... I have always liked aking cards, but it actually was through internet and looking into other's blogs, before I had a blog on my own, that made me start stamping and buying all this cardmaking stuff and equipment! I can get inspiration for making a card in different ways - through knowing the receiver of the card and my own joy in making a personal card to "fit" a person when I know what the person likes, through bloghopping and looking into other's blogs, and through design papers, stamps and embellishments, too! And of course, most important I guess, is the heartwarming comments I get on my creations - THEY inspire me to make cards and go on with my hobby! :)

Have a nice week! Hugs, Hege

Katie L Oakley said...

Hiya Jak - what a great candy giveaway! So generous of you! The thing that got me crafting was, I started with cross stitching, then started making them into cards, and now I do bits of both! I have posted your link in my sidebar. Goodluck everyone xxx

Anonymous said...

Awesome candy! Got you linked up. I've always been a crafter and it started with my sewing and needlework as a teenager.

Daisychain said...

Great candy, thanks for the chance to win it. I have crafted one way or another all my life, I used to make dolls houses out of shoeboxes when I was a child then progressed through to knitting, sewing, real dolls houses to cross stitch which I started making cards with. The real turning point was when I bought a handmade card off a ladies stall which featured lace. I was so fascinated by the cut design I had to find out how to do it, the rest is history. My inspiration at the moment comes from all the challenge blogs and all the other crafting blogs I hop around.

Have a great birthday!

Hugs Christine x

Alice said...

Hi! Am I still in time?!?! I have no words for this awesome candy!! I put a link to my candybar, thanks for a chance to win! I started with cardmaking and scrapbooking since 1 year, and I love to see the smile on the faces of my friends when I do something for them!


Wow, really jummy!

Info about your candy here:

What does inspire me? Pictures, poeple, moods and weather ;o).
I'm beginner scraper but I really take pleasure in it.
Greetings from Poland! :)

Jenny V. said...

I been scrapbooking at first 12yrs ago back in high school. I just love taking pictures and putting them in albums and decorating it. And that's when I got my first scrapbook kit from my cousin and that's how it started. Only last year I started on card making. And this year I got into stamping. I'm so inspired with the the possibilities in paper crafting.
Thanks for the chance to win this yummy candy.


Anonymous said...

Hello from Northern Alberta Canada. First I have to say love your blog - follow it every day.
As to what got me started, I think it was probably when my children were small (single mother) I decided I wanted to elaborately decorate at least one of their Christmas presents every year.
As for inspiration, magazines, all the great bloggers, etc.
Thanks for the chance to win your great giveaway.

bigsister_val at hot mail dot com

Anonymous said...

I love your blogand think the blog candy up for grabs is fab,sorry I don't have a blog so can't join in,just thought I'd say hello,Janette.x

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

YUMMY candy, thanks for offering and so very generous too! I'll list on my candy blog; I've been crafting my whole life bsically, and I think it started because we didn't have much, so I'd use whatever I could find to make up new things. I love making and sending cards for no specific reason, and having it be a surprise totally for the receiver. That's the most rewarding thing. I don't have many stamps yet, so this would be fantastic.

Saskia said...

Wow...Thanks for sharing this great candy!!

Since ever I like to be creative, I loke to make something for someone else... family, friends, a special person. These people inspire me!! What makes them happyn what do they like,... As people are unique, I also try to make an unique creation!!


Ullis said...

Thanks for offering this great blog candy! What a pile of stamps!!

My sister is the one that got me hooked on paper craft. Sha has been creating card for some time now, and has tried hard to lure me down in the paper craft swamp... I resisted for a long time, since I already have so many crafty hobbies, but finally I caved.

My inspiration to make a scrap LO is mostly my son!

I added a pic and link to my side bar at


Fiorella said...

This giveaway is really gorgeous!!!! Thank you for the chance. said...

wow... this is an amazing candy!! It's wonderful!!
thanks for the chance!!

hugs from italy

Sue said...

What got me started was my friend had a SU party - the rest is history. Now when I visit blogs I find out what's new, either idea/technique or product and it's a must have. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win.

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