Tuesday 10 February 2009

Smoking Update

By the time you are reading this I will be on my 2nd smoke free day.

I was ready to kill by the afternoon of day one that was the 6 hour mark so I went to bed so get me over the next hour.

I'm proud I've seen a day out so lets see what the 2nd day has instore for me.


Jen Caputo said...

Jak, that is fantastic!!!! Congratulations and keep it up girl. I'm rooting for you and i know you can do it!

Virginia Killmore said...

Congratulation how difficult and how great!

Pam said...

Jak, hang in there girlfriend.....I know you can do it!!! On the 18th, it will be seven years for me. Once you get through the first 10 days it will be much better. After the first month that I had quit, you couldn't pay me to smoke and the longer you have been quit the nastier they smell....you will see what I mean before long!

Karen J said...

You can do it Jak .. and this is coming from a woman that used to smoke 40 a day 15 years ago (and not had once since)!!!
Karen xx

Beryl K said...

Hang in there Jak you can do it. I managed three years ago last month. That was after smoking for almost 40 years and trying to give up more times than I care to remember. My OH did it at the same time, which was a big help, and he smoked more than I did.
Beryl x

Anonymous said...

good luck on giving up smoking jak well done for getting though day 1
wish i could give up but 3 other ppl in the house smoke its not easy
vanessa xx

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog through verses for cards site.

congratulations on giving up smoking keep up the good work and take one day at a time. I have never smoked but my mother did and she gave up when I was expecting my first child and that was 22 years ago!

You can do it with a little help from your friends

Karen said...

Jak, that is SOOOOOOOO awesome!!!! You should be incredibly proud of yourself!! That is wonderful! When DH quit, he loved sucking on Jolly Ranchers. I'm cheering for you! :>

Debs said...

Well done Jak, you can do it, just one day at a time.
Lets face it you dont have time for smoking really lol

sheffsue said...

Well done Jak...keep going. Just think how many more pennies you will have to spend on craft stuff..or even your forthcoming granchild! Kids are expensive and grandparent are supposed to spoil 'em rotten.

Sue x

Anonymous said...

Just caught up with this post so by now you're at the end of day 2. Hope all the family, friends and workmates are still alive and bruise free!!

Keep it up, you'll be so pleased that you did.

Anonymous said...

Stick with it Jak - thinking of you.


Rebecca Ednie said...

Good for you. I understand you will feel so much better once you get over the hump. I do recommend you use a doctor approved cessation aid like nicotine replacement if possible. Cold turkey isn't as statistically successful as doing it with help. Best wishes, Rebecca, RN

Anonymous said...

After smoking more than 25 years I gave up smoking a little more than 6 years ago so I know and understand how very verrrrrrry difficult it is for you and those around you.

Take one day at a time and keep up the good work

Craftingdiva said...

Hi Jak, love your bee's bums. I made a cosmos by cutting off the wings, hows that for cruelty,
I'm hoping you win over the smoking love, boy is it hard, but I won so did my DH. both big smokers. Thinking of you.
My regards and my love. XsueX