Wednesday 18 February 2009

Craft Hobby & Stitch Trade Show

The Trade show was a huge success for La Pashe and I felt quite humbled at the buzz we created.
A meet up with Jane Gill, at the Woodware stand which was quite accidental, I was just passing by and a couple of flowers at the table caught my eye and made me back step to the table One I had seen recently on my friend Pam's blog and this was the other I looked down at the lady sitting at the table and exchanged smiles then noticed her badge Jane Gill this was the lady that had taught my friend to make the flower, of course I was very cheeky and asked for one of these beauties to show to you all.

Ollie Doodles one of the La Pashe stockists from Spain called in to say hi and brought me a fabulous card to wish me luck made by Lynn I took it back to the Hotel and it stayed on my dressing table.

Mind you the lady from Ollie's was not all good as she kept popping back to show me her fruits from the workshops she had attended, green was my eyes lol!

I finally got to meet Tina fellow sheenie and got a hug.

It was great to put faces to names so thank you all for popping by to say hello.


Anonymous said...

Lovely flower and card glad you had a great time and met loads of interesting people.:0)

PeeJay said...

So pleased you met Jane, Jak. I'd told her all about you at the last class I went to 'cos she designs for the same mag you will be as well. Told her where to look out for you - on TV and at the show .... Glad it was successful for you as well.

Budge said...

So glad La Pashe had a good reception at the show. That is a lovely flower also a great card from Lynn.
We can now buy La Pashe in Plymouth which is great and what I have seen from our monday craft club alot of the ladies like it.
You rest up a bit now Jak.

Sylv xx

Anne said...

So glad you had a great time Jak. I've met the lady from Ollie Doodles too - she has a great shop and not too far from where I live!! xx