Wednesday 21 May 2008

Not Quite Floral Punch Craft

Mothers birthday Card
I loved making this card, my loving husband punched out all of the shapes for me from a Pear Punch each petal of the roses are made from 1 punched out pear I then used my bone folder to shape the individual petals then carefully glued them together to form the roses.
I then took other smaller full flower punched shaped and used a ball tool to cup chape them and added tiny pearls to the centre of each flower, the stalks were made by twisting green strips of paper into stalk shapes then glueing the smaller flowers on top the leaves were cut out free hand.
I used the oval nestabilities the scalloped in the same deep red as the rose and the plain oval in the same light cream as the base card.

It's hard to believe
that the shapes from
this pear punch was
made into these


PeeJay said...

What d'yer mean? 'Not Quite Floral Punch Craft'? You used a punch and turned the shapes into flowers and that's exactly what floral punch craft is. OK, traditionally roses are made with a heart punch but I reckon the pear is just as good, if not better. Leone Em would be proud! It's a beautiful card Jak and considering you don't have the right tools - other than the creative brain, it's exceptional.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is beautiful Jak. You are an inspiration to us all.

Anonymous said...

wow Jak, its beautiful.
I have always admired these FPC cards. I love them. alwats wanted to have ago but never got round to it.
You are such a inspiriation.


Toni said...

I love how you've used a pear puch for these initiative at its best

Fabulous card Jak

Beryl said...

This is so clever. You must have infinite patience. It's a lovely card.
Beryl xx

Lynn Mercurio said...

Beautiful card...I'm waiting for my pear punch to arrive. Your card is wonderful inspiration. TFS

Anonymous said...

How fantastic Jak I would never have thought of making a rose from a pear shape It's beautiful your talent is endless thank you.
Luv Joy C x

Anonymous said...

Stunning card, where do you get your inspiration from. Wish I had some of it.

Pixiedust said...

Wow! That'a absolutely stunning - a real "heirloom" card

Anonymous said...

Jak, your card is stunning and one your Mum will treasure forever.

sheffsue said... never cease to amaze me Jak.

Bev said...

That's just stunning Jak - an absolute work of art.

Silly Skittles said...

Just dropping by your blog from a blog roll on Katie's (paper haven) blog!

Couldn't leave without saying how GORGEOUS this card is!!! Such careful, detailed crafting for those roses!!!