Wednesday 3 April 2024

XTool S1 laser cutter Engraver

I was a lucky lady and was bought a laser cutter for my birthday, I wanted something that I could grow with so I opted for the 20W XTool S.

It has been so long, after changing careers I just hadn’t wanted to do any craft, or very little craft the odd crochet here and there and a bit of baking but that was about it.
I guess working as a florist was giving me the creativity that I needed.
Anyway, lets forward to my birthday gift, I’m sure not only I but also Chris will have a go with it as his model railway builds are bound to have things that he could cut out on it.
I started with engraving. Just playing and having a go.
Soon I moved on to a project so here is my first for my grand fur babies.
Somewhere to hang their leashes and collars.

I’ve also engraved a few metal business cards with QR codes so I’ll take some pictures of them soon maybe I’ll add a star over the top for security reasons.


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