Wednesday 21 July 2021

Our Yorkshire Farm visit.

Those of you that have enjoyed watching Our Yorkshire Farm or read and of the Yorkshire Shepherdess Books will appreciate the excitement I had to visit Ravenseat farm high up in the Yorkshire Dales.
The trip is not for the faint hearted and for most of our journey I gripped the seat of the car and braked several times despite Chris being an exceptional driver it was hairy to say the very least.

Although we weren’t allowed past the gate for obvious reasons one of them being that they were filming that day, we were lucky to see and chat with Amanda and 2 of her girls Clemmy and Annie.
Before I took any photos I asked as I think some can take this for granted.
Clemmy didn’t disappoint us and was as charming off camera as she was on it.
Now what you aren’t seeing here is that I fell over, I was on my crouching to have the photo taken with Clemmy and I wobbled and landed all my weight onto my my fingers and knuckles so decided to sit put and have photos whilst sitting and holding on to my bloody hand.

Thankfully you could get refreshments and there was picnic tables and public loos if you are thinking of visiting.
Annie was such a lovely young lady and we chatted a while with her as her filming was done of the day.

She was helping with the refreshments.
It was lovely so see all of the layout of the buildings that you see on the program and I can see just why Amanda and Clive fell in love with the farm.


lycar123 said...

How lovely to be able to see and talk to the children. Clemmie has to be my favourite she is adorable, with Sid running a close 2nd. Enjoy the rest of your holiday., and hope your hand is ok.

Janette said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day out Jak and so nice to meet the family. Hope your hand is better.xx

Unknown said...

It looks fantastic Jak, I'm well jel!
Glad you've had a lovely time, thanks for sharing. Xxx

ursula said...

We visited Ravenseat whilst we stayed in a farm cottage on the Cumbria/Yorkshire Dales border in May, unfortunately we did not see anyone that day, a shame because I would have liked to meet Amanda...I think it a wonderful series on the telly.....luv Ursula xx