Saturday 24 July 2021

Open Water Swimming

I’ve started sea swimming again, it was a regular occurrence when I was a child and living near to the sea has always been a privilege to me.
Now the North Sea is far from the temperatures that you get when holidaying in the Mediterranean but if you manage to get in to the North Sea you will find it invigorating.
Safety first, never do it alone, don’t stay in too long, build it up, take a warm set of dry clothes, a hot drink and a snack if you want it.
My partner in crime is my daughter Lauren, as soon as she said she would like to do it I was buying all the gear, shorty wetsuits, shoes, waterproof bags for our phones, changing gowns etc…
This was our first try.

It was gorgeous.
We take a big bucket with us to put or wet gear into for travelling home.
I wont lie, changing into dry clothes was challenging to say the least. I may have flashed once or twice getting changed haha!
I have since invested in a front zipped wetsuit jacket and shorts, much easier to get out of as I have a frozen shoulder. No more flashy me haha!


Laurian said...

Well done both of you! I so wish I still lived by the sea as I swam every day from Easter to Halloween when I did an also did the Boxing Day/New Year swims - it kept me very healthy and happy!
Your picture gives the illusion of the Med so you can make people believe you are somewhere you're not!

Patricia Ann Williams said...

I wish I lived near the sea. Well done you for braving the cooler waters

Lizbe said...

Well done Jak you are braver than me, although I live very near the aea would not swim in it! Liz x