Tuesday 27 October 2020

Flower Pro Toadstools and Mushroom Mould

I just couldn’t wait to show you the new addition of the KatySue Designs Flower Pro mould, this is the Mushroom/Toadstool silicone mould which is simply amazing. I love that is has a separate veiner mould with all of the texture needed for the underside of the mushroom.
I mad this using the Mushrrom mould the log slice impression mould, the fern mould and veiner and the tree bark mould, I also used Heartysoft air dry clay.

There are so many different fungi, mushroom and toadstools you can make and the new moulds with give you the perfect design.
My whole design started with an empty Pringles tube and cutting it down in size and covering it with the clay.

Rolling parts of the bark back to make the log realistic and using paints for detail and shading.

The link to all the moulds used is https://katysuedesigns.com/products/flower-pro-toadstools-and-mushrooms-mould-and-veiner


Unknown said...

Fantastic Jak
Mags x

Spyder said...

Wow!! I haven't popped in for a number of years as I started another adventure and couldn't do both blogging and crafting, so thought I'd pop into some of my 'old' favourites and here you still are with lovely Mushroom moulds! I love them! Used to make...um... I hate to say, er... concret gnomes and mushrooms, but these are far nicer!
Hope you're well and will pop in again soon!