Monday 19 October 2020

Flower Pro Poppy Mould by KatySue Designs

The Poppy Mould by KatySue designs I used to create a Remembrance Day model last year is still one of my favourite silicone moulds, It was designed by the fabulous Chef Nicholas Lodge along with the Flower Pro Fern mould. 

When you buy from the Flower Pro collection you are buying into a whole educational program that leads you buy the hand to create amazing realistic flowers with step by step videos, isn't that just fantastic?
So I used a fabric hardener (Powertex) to create this model and if I was to put it in the garden I would spray it with a weatherproof varnish.

and the educational video can be watched here How to make the Flower Pro Poppy

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Janette said...

This is amazing Jak and the poppy mold looks brilliant, will go have a look.xx