Tuesday 10 March 2020

Needle Felting Fairy

I always like to try a new craft each year and I needed something that I could sit is a comfy chair with a lap tray and wasn't heavy. I have a few weeks of rest and recoup-oration after abdominal surgery so needle felting won.
I started before I went into hospital and this is my first attempt.
she is a KatySue cake fairy.

Of course I have handed this one to Sue Balfour as its in our company colours.
I've loads more to make and I'll blog them as they are finished.
I have to say as my first make with needle felting I'm pretty pleased with the result, I hope you like her too x


Janette said...

Jak its lovely to see you post this gorgeous little creation, so pretty and I can't wait
to see whats next. I would love to try needle felting and keep promising myself I will, fingers crossed. Hope your on the mend, take care.xx

Laurian said...

This is gorgeous Jak, not something I've ever done and don't know if I'd have the patience for!
Hope you recover quickly and look forward to seeing more recouperation projects!