Monday 24 September 2018

Tonic Studio Mixed Media

Did you see it?
Tonic Studios media die launch.
I was curious to how well these would work but to be honest I should have known that they would be just as fabulous as their other dies.
At the same time they launched the Media Dies they also launched the Expanding Mousse.
As soon as they arrived I got to play.

I started my journey cutting out the Traditional Timepiece and the Steam Cogs and Widgets from the Tonic Grey board and as soon as I had them cut out in front of me I knew I was going to build a 3D vintage clock.
Using black foam board a began cutting out several pieces to create the clock face gluing one on top of another until I had the depth that I wanted, then using black gesso I painted the inside to hide the foam.

I then started to add the Expanding Mousse in Tuscan Gold all over the outside of the clock face, I used a heat gun over the mousse and watched it expand and bubble until it looked distressed and vintage.

Now to decide what to do with the cogs, I wanted them to shine unlike the clock face housing.
Tonic gilding flakes are wonderful, you get quite big flakes in a large pot and the Nuvo glue pens work beautifully with it.
Just look how gorgeous they are.

Next to use another colour of the Expanding Mousse for the clock face this time I used Old Linen.

Adding the cogs inside the clock face housing building them up in layers. Adding the pointer hands onto the clock face.

For the base I had an MDF plaque that my husband kindly made for me and paired with the black gesso then I cut out some of the Media Frame dies and joined them together before rubbing in the Tuscan Gold Expanding Mousse

Now putting it all together.
I used a couple of different sized dowels to sit the clock housing onto the plaque.

I’m thrilled at how this turned out.

Tick tock. tick tock.

As you can see it has a very rustic look to it.

It just needed a place to sit....

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