Sunday 3 September 2017

Starting Workshops with Powertex

If you didn't already know I will be doing workshops in my area teaching Powertex, I simply fell in love with the product, Powertex is such a creative medium. I find myself looking to see what I can use it on next, if it stands still long enough I will give it a try.
I will start my workshops off in October and it will start with a introduction to Powertex and a starter class.
In the beginners workshop we will make a beautiful Bottle Wrap and a Plaque, here are a few examples.
These will be perfect for the gift giving season, even better that they can be removed so can be swapped to another bottle once the contents have been drank.
I took this a step further and made a matching glass.
I knew as a Powertex Tutor I would need a way of drying the projects quickly so that they can be finished within the workshop time, I have seen many a cardboard box with a hole in the top and a hairdryer stuck in the hole and turned on to dry projects but being a fireman's wife I really wasn't keen on this idea. 
I wracked my brains and thought that this should work.
I popped in my projects to test it out,
And hoorah, it worked.
Really looking forward to teaching again.