Saturday 9 September 2017

Powertex Angel

I thought I'd try my hand at the ivory Powertex Fabric Hardner, try as I might I always seam to come back to the dark colours but admire other work in the ivory.
This time I was determined to stick to ivory and before I new it I added a touch of bronze Powertex in the bowl. So a two toned Powertex sculpture was the result.
Tipping the edge of the wings in gold mica, yes you spotted it, my Nans lacey doiley chopped into quarters made the perfect wings.

I love all of the folds of material you can create.
Adding texture here and there to add interest.

Swapping between gold and bronze mica powder to give a shimmer over the folds helps to accentuate them.

It makes quite a statement sculpture doesn't it?
The material tend to fall into it's own pleats and folds once you get the Powertex worked into it. I'ts just a case of placement and teasing after that.

After 3 weeks it will be totally weatherproof and can be put into a garden or outdoors.

This above image shows the fold amazingly well.

I have an idea in my head which is a little different for my next project so watch this space ha ha!

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Penny said...

That is looks fantastic, I will have to look into that medium don't understand how you get such fantastic sculptures