Thursday 25 May 2017

Exploring Stone Art

I thought I would give the Powertex Stone Art a workout, it intrigued me, I like to see how things work, not really knowing what I wanted to make, I just knew that I wanted to try it, my local electrical store Calvert's allowed me to be a skip rat and search there polystyrene bin to get something chunky that I could work with.

This is the reverse of the finished piece so that you can see how it began, however the finished pictures below shows just how good this stuff is.

It all starts with the Powertex Ivory, so once you have the polystyrene and have cut and sculptured it to the shape you want, you then apply a generous covering of the Ivory Powertex liquid, whilst it is still wet you pat the Stone Art on top of it.

The magic then happens and you then start to add colour.

At this point it was wet as I had sprayed colour over it making sure the darker colour ran into the nooks and cranny's.

I awoke this morning and was thrilled with the dried piece.

How wonderful would this be for Chris's train layout?

I have a feeling I will need to show Chris how to do this, otherwise I will be a very busy girl making them for him.

Another in the sun.

It looks so real doesn't it?


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My'scardcorner said...

That's.brilliant Jak and like you say perfect for Chris train set up