Sunday 30 April 2017

Powertex Bottle Wrap

To find something to decorate bottle giving in an unusual way is a gift in itself, using black powertex to make an interesting bottle decoration.

I would willingly display the bottle with one of these wraps attached.

This started life as a holed T-shirt, a bit of stockinette and some string, i wanted something for the front as a focal piece and found a large paper flower and a couple of smaller paper flowers in my stash.

So the neat part about this is once you have drank the bottle contents, you can transfer the bottle wrap to another bottle.

Once dried, it takes about 24 hrs or less in a warm room it was dry brushed with varnish and mica powder.

This is my first of many more that I will make, the fact that each one will be unique depending on the folds and type of material used.


eva said...

Очень интересно и красиво!

Penny said...

Wow how beautiful Jak, sheds a new light on entertaining, I have seen it before but I think you need to see it done. Looks fabulous when it's finished