Friday 28 April 2017

A Workshop Day

I had a wonderful day yesterday with a very good friend working, ahem...playing with Powertex.

Linda is opening Riverside Retreat workshops in the Northeast very soon so watch this space.

So let me show you what I did.

Three seperate pieces of which this is the first, a wall plaque, made using the Green Powertex some cotton material and netting.

One the piece has dried you use mica powders to highlight areas.

Its fun to watch your pieces grow.

The next project started life as a jam jar.

It's a bit Harry Potterish don't you think?

Cotton and string, even a starfish added to this one.

A sqaushed cola bottle lid for a window. This project was made with the bronze Powtex fabric hardener.

Adding a little fairy door and once dry using red and gold mica powder to decorate.

My last piece a was mesmorised making it, it started life as a flat backed plaster face, hard to believe that you could end up with this beauty.

From rags to riches making your own figurines from scraps is so satisfying.

Using lace scraps and wire to form wings.

Pulped paper soaked in the powertex and draped over the wire to form the wings.

Its hard to believe this is material and not stone.

I finished the colour at home with this one as time was getting on and I had my own mica powders.

There's something quite tranquil about this piece.

So as you can see we got quite a bit done, it was so lovely to get together again. We won't leave it as long next time.


Janette said...

Hi Jak, I am such a fan of mixed media art and have a small stash of powertex as I go made a wonderful job on your three pieces, trouble is, it's very addictive...but super enjoyable...Have fun ...x

Penny said...

Wow really something to die for really beautiful Jak

Sandy said...

Amazing - fabulous!!!!
Sandy xx

eva said...

Какое интересное оформление.И очень красиво!!!