Friday 8 July 2016

Low Fat Meals, My weight loss journey

13 weeks ago after problems with my back again I knew I had to do something, the last straw was I kept collapsing in a heap with pain.

Luckily I have the most supportive husband that anyone could ask for and he came along to A Slimming world group with me.

Of course the weight dropped of Chris and he has now reached his target but he is still coming to group each week to support me.

Some of the meals we have had has been gorgeous.

Starting with my breakfast, I try to have porridge most days, I top it with fruits banana, strawberry and raspberry, alternating.


Chris however does a poached egg on whole meal bread.

Lunch has always been my struggle, I try to keep off bread as apart from loving uncut bread that I cut into doorstep size slices, I also tend to add and inch of butter.

So trying to eat different things that will keep me satisfied.

One of my favourites is muffin quiche, 6 eggs, large or 2 small fat free tubs of cottage cheese, extra lean bacon, chopped spring onions, mushrooms and salt and pepper to taste, cook on about 190'c until golden brown.

Jacket potato is another favourite go to.

I use Pease Pudding and lots of salad.

I also tried smoked salmon baby spinach and tomatoes tossed in a low fat dressing

I'll post some of our dinner meals later.



Jan 23 said...

I also joined slimming world on line as need to loose weight because of health issues. So far have lost 11lb in 9 weeks which is good as cannot do any exercise. Slimming world is great inst it. fantastic recopies.

Dawn Tykee said...

Well done .I also joined sw but don't like the consultant he just goes on about beer! So i now do it at home however i do think going to group gives you more incentive to stick to plan x

Unknown said...

I love slimming world so much choice and life style changes for the better too .x

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

Well done Jak, I do slimming world online and have done really well on their delicious recipes loosing over 5 stone so far, I still have a bit to go but will keep plodding on. I like to think of it as not dieting but a change of the way that I think about food. Also I feel so much healthier that I did last year. Keep up the good work

Sue xx

Tracey T said...

Slimming world is fantastic and I know it works but I've fallen off the wagon lately and you've inspired me to get back on track.....Thank you xxx

Suzi Mac said...

Well done Jack!! I joined last year and achieved my 2 1/2 stone award, I encouraged my Daughter and SIL to come along with me and between them they are lost 6st 2lb. Love Slimming wold plan. So easy. Keep up the good work cause it will help your back problems. Hugs Suzi x

marie poole said...

Can you not find another group x

marie poole said...

Meals look lovely Jaqs I am struggling at the moment due to being on nights.

marie poole said...

Meals look lovely Jaqs I am struggling at the moment due to being on nights.

marie poole said...

Can you not find another group x

Julie-Ann said...

Well done Jak. My daughters gets married next June and I realy want to get healthy and fitter and lose weight for it. What is pease pudding ? Sorry I've never head of it before. Hugs julie xxx

Karen said...

I joined Slimming World as I want to lose weight before I have my spinal op. My back is so bad it keeps me bedridden &unable to do any form of exercise. I have AT LEAST 10 STONE to lose & I really need help or a miracle lol x