Saturday 9 July 2016

Dinners - My weight loss journey

As promised I thought I would show you some of our tried and tested dinners.

Both Chris and I are creatures of habit, our weeks dinners are as follows, the say if it works don't fix it so we stick to the plan and go with what works.

Sunday - full roast dinner, either pork or chicken, we pile it up with baby potatoes, swede or Turnip depending on what part of the country you live in we use the orange one and call it turnip, broccoli, cauliflower and green beans. We leave out the Yorkshire Puddings.

Monday - Curry night, classic slimming world curry, loads of spices and it tastes as good as a takeaway from our favourite Indian restaurant.

This was it cooking

Tuesday - Beef Stir Fry, marinated in garlic, oyster sauce and ginger

Finished with fish sauce and a twist of lime, I never thought I would like fish sauce but it's lovely.

Wednesday - Prawn Salad, something we both look forward to, quite funny really as when we were first married Chris would now no way eat salad, I think the only salad he had had was side salad with no dressing, I converted him as I always do a tossed salad, loads of boiled eggs, I even chop up crab sticks and toss it with the salad in a low fat dressing mixed with a little cider vinigar.

Thursday - Roast Dinner, just like Sunday's.

Saturday - Steak night, we have always had this, the steak is ribeye and normally around a 15oz steak however the steak that Chris had tonight was a beast and was 18.5 oz. We stopped the unhealthy spicey frozen wedged and now make our own sweet potato spicey wedges and loads of roast onion, peppers and mushroom.

So that is our weekly menu in a nutshell.

However I did make a Slimming World Pizza for a taster event and we were thrilled at how it tasted, the base is made from cauliflower rice and egg and baked blind until crispy.

We would definitely have it again.



Kay said...

Thank you Jak for sharing your dinners with us. You are a great inspiration. X

Janette said...

This is an inspirational post Jak and I have to thankyou for it, I love the look of every meal, will defo be giving it a try...xx

Dawn said...

Looks like you're not going hungry then Jak! Thanks for sharing these with us! Xx

maggiemac said...

Thanks for sharing. You are making my mouth water. Good luck with the weight loss

Sandra H said...

Wow so tastfully looking they are and thank you for sharing them x

Unknown said...

I have been struggling with my journey but seeing your photo's of your lovely meals I have been inspired to get back on my journey. Thank you Jacky you are a star x

Maria said...

Thank you Jak for sharing your slimming meals they are wonderful and look so tasty. Off to the shops I go :-)
Maria x

Christine said...

Hi Jak I myself am following the SW plan & love the filling meals we eat from the many books I bought..only meal i didn't like was the cauliflower pizza it looked fine but couldn't get my head around the full on taste of the cauliflower..good luck on your journey & hope your pain eases soon..I myself am suffering with a broken wrist so crafting is very limited..(sad face).

smiles Christine xx