Monday 23 November 2015

Make a Chocolate Santas Sleigh

I thought it was time to repost this as it was so popular.
I stumbled upon this idea tutorial for a Christmas Sleigh gift and thought it would make the most fabulous place settings for the Christmas dinner table.
Well who doesn’t love chocolate? Not many that's for sure. 
The idea for the place setting only came when I gave my daughter a peek at what I was making for Jack and she cried “I want one too Mam” so what was once to be only two or three soon became eight that I needed.
I ran out of bits for my place setting so I still have 1 left to complete but I was itching to show you all.


Aren’t they sweet? (pardon the pun) I even found some little chocolate Santa’s to drive the sleigh.


As you can see we have candy canes, KitKat, miniature Cadbury chocolate, Kinder bars, chocolate coins and in the adult ones Dime Bars. I tied it all together with ribbon from Ribbon Carousel


Come on get out those glue guns and set to work on a treat to remember at the Christmas dinner table.


Maryann Laursen said...

Oh yes they´re sooo cute, but I think, you should´ve let Jack help you make them, he would just love that. We made them exactly like these for 5 or 6 years ago, when the girls were small, and they absolutely loved to make them. We also made them as placesettings and all was thrilled about them and have been asking for them since too, but it doesn´t have to be the same every year right? ha ha ha. Hope you´ll all have a wonderful one this year Jak.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak
Wow, these are brilliant & I haven't seen them before.
Simple to make but so effective & everything which is homemade is always well received.

Thanks for sharing & enjoy your week..

Crafty Hugs

Haze T xx (Norwich)