Tuesday 24 November 2015

Crochet Gift Ideas and Free Pattern Links

I decided that as it is coming up to making gifts time of year and there is so many choices out there that I would list a few of my favourites on here for you all.

First of all you need to know how to crochet yes?

Well there is loads of tutorial out there but here is a link to one of the best comprehensive ones that I have found, everything in one place and easy to follow.

You will soon see how much quicker Crochet is to Knitting and why I fell in love with it.


Now lets start with gift ideas.

Easy Minion hat and video tutorial, click the image to be took to the tutorial

That's the boys and some of the girls sorted.

Owl bet you love this next one.

This is bound to get some happy faces, again click the image to be took to the tutorial

Now that we have the children sorted we need to move onto the adults.

Or maybe both with this crochet iPad case, it could be sassy colours for the girls or and maybe football strip colours for the guys.

Click the image to be directed to the pattern



Something warming next.

A pretty Tea cosy

Click the image to be directed to the tutorial

Striped Tea Cosy Pattern by Mon Petit Four


Something to keep the hands warm and pretty, Stripy open fingered mittens.

Click the image to be directed to the tutorial

So that is 5 of my favourite free patterns to get you started with your Christmas gift making.

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Dawn said...

Brilliant! If I ever get a minute, I might try one of these. Never mastered crochet when I was youger but revisiting it now!
Dawn xx

val said...

Jack I do a lot of crochet I love it mostly do baby things now this blanket is beautiful I would love to do this but can't find the instructions could you tell me were you got the pattern from .The lady who is going to receive this will love it xx