Tuesday 20 October 2015

Crochet perfect for Traveling

I always struggled when holidaying wondering what to take to occupy my crafty mind and twitchy fingers on evenings and last year I learnt myself how to crochet.

A ball of yarn and a crochet hook and your ready to go.

Chris had a few worries on what I was making, he thinks the top picture needs tassels, and the bottom left he thought I was making a Sun hat. The bottom right picture is a cactus which is growing on our balcony and on an evening it looks like Jesus is watching over the beautiful sea.

All will be revealed to what I am making when I get back from my travels.


(For the record, that is my knee in the top picture)

It is a beautiful sound waking up each morning to the waves crashing on the shore.

Jak X




Dawn said...

Hee hee, it would make a nice hat! Can't wait to see what it really is though!
Enjoy your hols!
Dawn xx

Lori m said...

Enjoy your vacations it looks very peaceful from here, I can't wait to see what your making, interesting design.
Hugs, Lori m