Thursday 8 October 2015

Creating Your Own Personalised Mugs

Creating your own special Creating your own special personalised mugs, sounds fun doesn't it?
Well, it is, first I thought of a photo, maybe a family member a Grandson or Granddaughter a loved one maybe. Add some text, that could be real fun, a special date to mark an event.
The choice is yours.
I did a hand drawn image of my own then uploaded it to Mr Nutcase and chose which mug I wanted, I like a big cup of tea so I decided the 15oz mug would be best for me, I then sat back and waited for it to arrive. That is how easy it is.
Mr Nutcase does all of the work for you, I'm in love with my new mug, best of all is that no one can steal it or use it without knowing it is mine, no excuses.
Here is is from all angles.
If you want a reasonable priced gift, what could be better than creating someone their own personalised mugs for their favourite brew?
You can get these here Mr Nutcase


Maryann Laursen said...

It´s a great idea, and especially if we´re working in a place, where more are having their mugs standing around, it´s just perfect, then you never get to grab a wrong one either. I´m a biiiig coffee drinker but a friend is more for tea, and none of us likes it too well to grab the other ones mug by accident, and it has happened quite a few times ha ha ha. But this would solve that problem for sure ha ha ha.

Lori m said...

This is so darling, great idea on the personalized mugs, I'm a huge coffee/tea drinking so this would be great for me.

Hugs, Lori m

Joanne said...

love it, and love the face you drew.....drawed..... dru, lol. I am a cup snob though, only drink out of bone china.

Miss seeing all your lovely coloring, do you still do that ?

hugs, Joanne

Joanne said...

WOW, should have checked the link first. They seem to do the type of mug I like and deliver worldwide, what more can I ask for

xx Joanne