Friday 23 August 2013

Triple Bright Lamp–Daylight Company

Over the last few weeks I have been using the Triple Light Daylight lamp from the Daylight Company  to craft under.


The image above was took in full daylight 12:00 noon in my home, you can see the difference it makes to my work area even at day time.

I first used it clamped onto my table top the I got the floor stand which is amazing, the structure of the legs are cast iron so it is really sturdy.

Ultimate 5 spoke floorstand, White Packaging Image

When I first thought about the triple light I was thinking triple the brightness comparing it to my original desk lamp and magnifier but what I hadn’t banked on was the fact that it would have triple the spread of light, this for me as a crafter is the most amazing part of the lamp.

Triplelamp2_JHThe image above shows the lighted area that this lamp gives to me.

I often have what you could say is a dumping ground on my desk, I tend to gather things that I would like to use in making a card and plonk them on the desk what the lamp does to help is give me no shadows so that colours are true and it is easy to map out the card with matching items before gluing them in place.

I’m so happy with the productiveness of this lamp, over all a big 10 out of 10 I’d give this one.

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KelliJo said...

That is SUPER COOL!!!!! Is it hot? I find myself stripping down when crafting to a tank top as it gets WARM under my 2 Otts

TammieLien said...

I need better lighting as this would work great.I live in Arizona,we have tinted windows to keep it cooler in the house.So it is really dark in the house.I love your cards and thanks for sharing:)

Unknown said...

Jak,this is brilliant hun, I am in so much need of that kind of light, in my craftroom, maybe one day, love your desk, xxx

Maryann Laursen said...

It sure looks like a brilliant solution for a crafter, no doubt, and I have tryed the daylightlamps and it does make a huge difference, BUT it´s definitely also a really expensive solution compared to, that you can get so many really good too, LED lamps these days, who also provides a really good light compared to normal lamps and bulps, but I agree, if you have more money than you can use, this will definitely be the Rolls Royce of the lamps, and it also looks amazing too, that´s for sure. But it´ll certainly demand more than a hobby to justify a lamp at 270£ just for my crafttable and then I would need a couple more for my other areas too, so it would be a fortune, that I would never be able to afford.

Linda Simpson said...

WOW Jak, it sure does throw out a lot of light over your crafting area. Must have a nosey at the website. Thank you for sharing.

Linda xxx

Dawn said...

Looks fab isn't your workspace tidy!
Dawn xx

Unknown said...

You definitely can't beat the day light lamps but I can't justify the prices. So I took myself off to Ikea and bought a rather large desk light, it is a clamp and swing arm adjustable lamp for £8.50 then to Hobbycraft and bought a 20w daylight bulb for £5.99. It alone has changed my crafting experience and I am now able to craft at night.

Janette said...

Looks fabulous Jak, would love some extra light at times, , living in hope that some new glasses may also

Sandra H said...

Looks brilliant thanks for sharing this x

Tine said...

What a fab lot of space in your craft room, Jak. I could do with some great lighting but my allotted craft area is pretty tiny really so not sure I could accommodate the super looking lamps you have there.
Tine :)

Mad Mary said...

Love your lamps, hardly done any crafting for about 9 months now so couldn't justify the big spend on the lamps but they are gooooooorgeous.


Debbie said...

I have just been to check out the site and found they have a portable daylight lamp currently on offer for £40.99 - requires 3 AA batteries which can become expensive unless you buy rechargeable batteries and will give 6hrs before either changing the batteries or recharging them. Hope this helps someone :)

Debbie x