Saturday 2 March 2013

Pushed to the limit.

Wednesday evening, I got home from work to a phone call from Chris, “get your cycling gear on we are going out” I have missed going out due to our typically British weather and because of shows that i had to attend so I knew I had to go.

We set out and it was freezing along the sea front, I thought my fingers were going to drop off, we soon turned off the front and made for the slow climb through an estate which left me gasping when I did it last, I made it to the top and rather than going through another smaller climb I suggested we road on as it was flat, this gave me enough puff to do the next bit.

I made it to the railway crossing with ease and then started the journey back, Chris let me take charge of where I rode, I carried on along a busy road, and up to the park further than I thought I would get and then through an industrial estate and started the journey back home, I got to the top of my street and decided to keep going a little further as I felt fine.

The only thing that was a little tender was my butt, it was starting to get dusk so I even got t use my bike lights, another first for me.

So I smashed my 5 mile total.


So the push to get out did me good.

here is the summery of my ride

summery 6.5

and the route

map 6.5

now all of this was well and good but not long after dinner the two of us started to drop off to sleep, we were in bed by 9pm and the next day I was poorly, a bug that had been hanging around me for a week or two.

I’m hoping by Saturday morning I’m able to get back out.

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Gram's Treasures said...

Way to go, Jak! Hope you get rid of the bug quickly.
Joyce xx

Lori m said...

You're amazing, that's fantastic, WTG Jak, feel better!

Hugs, Lori m

Maryann Laursen said...

WAUW what a ride, but I bet it was awesome in the beautiful weather, we´ve had the last couple of days. Sorry to hear, you got the bug, hope it´ll be gone in no time hun.
Have a great wek-end.

Janette said...

Well done Jak, I am impressed.xx

Sandra H said...

That's really good well done x

Linda Simpson said...

Well done Jak, I am so impressed.

Linda xxx

Linda said...

Well done Jak, you'll be in the Tour De France before we know it, lol

Mad Mary said...

Well done with they cycling, sorry to hear you have a wee bug though, hope you feel better soon xx

Mary x