Thursday 28 March 2013

Great Books on Crafting

Now make your world colourful and prettier with great books on crafting. Discover lovely creations and have fun sewing the unique offerings given in amazing craft books. These books are ideal for all craft lovers who love great crafting ideas. They come with simple instructions and vivid descriptions with great illustrations. You are sure to find the entire crafting experience fun filled and rewarding. They contain great content and ideas with easy to make adorable creatures that are sure to enliven any living space. All these books are worthwhile as they come at a bargain price with Amazon promotional code. So pick up any of these books that are packed with inspiring ideas to make interesting craft projects.

Crafting Tilda's Friends

This book contains amazing papercraft and fun sewing projects by craft designer Tilda and author Tone Finnanger. Now you can not only create cute bunnies, bumblebees, birds, cats , dragonflies, frogs and snails but you can bring them to life by giving them unique features such as a sharp fabric nose to your cute bird. If you are in a mood to create angels, you could have fun creating pretty garden angels with sun hats and leave them to enjoy with the plants in your garden. You could also make your interesting characters serve a useful purpose such as a pincushion or a key holder. You could add life to your cushions, bags, blankets or table mats by adding interesting motifs of birds or bunnies through applique techniques.


Complete Guide

The Complete Guide to Card Making by Sarah Beaman is a beautiful collection of 25 great projects and shows 100 techniques to create a variety of motifs. It is a comprehensive guide to create greetings cards, blanks cards and envelopes for nearly every occasion. You can learn to make creative embossing techniques to create unique cards and also enhance your crafting experience by referring to the motif library and projects section of the book. Learn to use basic equipment as well as new products to create hand-stitched designs or using flowers or beaded edges to create stunning designs for your cards.


Magical Craft Projects

Crafting a Magical Life by Carol Holaday is a powerful book containing detailed instructions to craft twenty spiritual or magical items that you can create on your own with the help of a focused attention and intention and bring happiness in your life. Quilling by author Suzanne McNeill and contributors Laura Gregory and Jane Cleveland is an interesting collection of papercrafting projects. Enjoy great discounts on the above creative crafts books with Amazon promotional code and fill your time with fun activities for various occasions.


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