Sunday 6 November 2011

Treasuring the Moments

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking this week, having a dear friend suffering with cancer makes you look at things around you in a totally different light, appreciative of moments shared and looking over those special photographs that captures love, fun and beauty in what can seemly be an ugly world.

I have lost much of my MoJo at the moment but I know it will come back, I do have a special Blog Hop tomorrow and I have something wonderful to show you all but my I struggled to get it done.

So I have surrounded myself in family photo’s and continuing to be bowled over with the layouts and creative ways to use them in digital scrapbooking using the My Memories Suite here is 3 I have made whilst browsing my treasured family photos.

The first is on my daughter Lauren's Wedding Day, standing at the church entrance awaiting her arrival, holding Grandson Jack who totally melts my heart.


And Daughter Natalie who was her bridesmaid and is so beautiful inside and out.


And then onto past years and my Brothers, Alan and Russell play acting without a care in the world.


If you would like to try out the software I use don't forget to use my code and it will save you $10 and also get you a $10 voucher code to buy extra papers and embellishments. My code is STMMMS48868 Enter the code on the shopping cart page at My Memories Suite.

I will leave you with a thought, So very often in our world our lives are so busy that we forget to reflect on how wonderful people really are, we all have family and friends that touch our lives and we often forget to tell them just how much we love them. Three little words that can make such a difference in our lives when said sincerely. Go on tell your dear ones I Love You.

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ursula said...

That is so true Jak, three easy words and yet how often do we say them. Saw Rolf Harris on TV last night and he was passing the same comment, why do we find it so difficult?? Your work is amazing. Luv Ursula

XxJULESxX said...

Hi Jak, thanks for sharing with us, what a great way to keep your special days alive.
You have a lovely family Jak, i feel blessed with my family as i know you do with yours.x

Patricia R said...

Your pages are lovely. Could you tell me if this software is easy to use? And I went to the site and couldn't find if you can print these pages on a regular printer. They talked about turning them into bound books or viewing them but not printing them. I am not a scrapbooker yet but your pages are so beautiful and I should have looked more closely in the past to see that they are digital. You are amazing!

Jak Heath said...

Patricia you can print them, once created you can save them as a jpeg or a png file a/nd then print them in the normal way.

jordiegirl said...

What a lovely thought-provoking post Jak. Thanks.

I lost my mam to lung cancer, I've had cancer in my leg and my hubby has had bowel cancer so we know what it's like to have or know someone with cancer.

Makes you see life in a different light - we should all enjoy ourselves while we can.

Shazza said...

so very true Jak, thank you for sharing these LO's with us x

Mad Mary said...

Your pages are stunning Jak and such a pleasure to look at.

Mary x

Lynn Mercurio said...

I just downloaded this software this afternoon. I plan to use it for my Journal Your Christmas class that beings Dec. 1st. So far, it seems to be fairly simple to use.

June Nelson said...

I agree totally Jak, working with cancer patients I see the day to day lives of those and their families, it can be very emotional, and telling someone you love them is so important, they may not be here tomorrow and you will so wish you did, have a lovely day pet, your pages hold beautiful memories, hugs June xxxx

Shazza said...

Dear Jak, I just read Kevin's post about Katie's passing and wanted to say I was thinking of you too at this time as I know she was a friend.