Sunday 20 February 2011

Feeling Sad - Yet Happy

Such mixed emotions, my fundraising for my beautiful friend Katie has come to an end and whilst I can't even begin to convey my gratitude to all that donated and believe me when I say we have raised an incredible amount which I will post during the week, I am left feeling helpless once again.

While I was fundraising I felt like I was doing something constructive to help my friend, although it would not cure Katie I knew it would help in a big way, "so what now?"

I can't lean over and give Katie a hug as we have a mass of water between us, Katie in the US and I in the UK, I can lend an ear if she needs one, I can spread the awareness of the bravery of this lady and tell you to go to her blog and read her incredible journey here.

I can donate more Digital Stamps to a new Fundraising event for Katie which has brand new digital images for $15 so grab them while you can from here.

So why do I feel this way? I feel very much like a fairy that has lost her magic wand.

Something that has stuck in my throat from the day I found out about Katie is that the word Cancer is still a taboo subject, many whisper it's name or mime the word, Surely we should shout this word to raise awareness? it isn't a dirty word it is a horrible, horrible illness that holds no discrimination of who can get it, Black, White, Young, Old, Short, Tall, Fat or Thin, so, lets stop whispering it's name, lets shout it from the rooftops until we find a cure for every form of cancer there is.


Marlene said...

I have been following Katie's story, and purchased the first set. You are an amazing friend to her. The artists that donated their time and talents are amazing. Everyone who purchased a set to help out - is amazing. Katie is amazing. I continue to pray for her every day!

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

I'm one of those people who wasn't able to donate to this worthy cause (I'm still paying off bills from my breast cancer last year) but I am so glad you and all your friends were able to help Katie and just simply be there for those who need it! What a wonderful feeling to have blogging friends like that! May God Bless you all.

Joey said...

Jak you are an amazing friend to Katie and may you be blessed for all the awareness you have raised and continue to cause. Joey xxx

Debbie Pamment said...

Never feel helpless - I'm sure Katie and ALL the people out there who have been touched by this horrible disease - are thankful for what you've done - raising awareness AND making it a subject to be talked about and not hidden away! We luvsya Jak - you are an AWESOME lady!


Tammy said...

You are a blessing...and may Katie will be blessed from it and her family! Sending Prayers her way.

sue said...

I moved to Australia in march last year from the UK and my best friend was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in july, I too felt helpless, can't even give her a hug so I looked for ways to cheer her up. For every chemo treatment I sent a card, I spoke to her on skype as often as she felt like and also sent little presents to cheer her up. Recently she said I was her rock through it all, how could that be true as I felt as if I did nothing but I was there for her, I understood her and listened. You have probably done that and much more by raising money, my friend is young too with a daughter and people where treating her different but she could always be herself with me. You have given far more than you will ever know. You should be proud of yourself. xx

jude said...

You have done anamazing job fund Raising for Katie you should be proud and not feel helpless .You did what you set out to do remarkably well ESPECIALY IN THE CURRENT CLIMATE OF THE CREDIT CRUNCH AND EVERYONE FEELING THE PINCH!.
But one thing i disagree with is the fact... that people do talk about cancer and it's not so much a whispered word as it used to be .People do talk about this more openly .It's not so much as a Taboo word as it was 10 years ago.Im in the medical proffession and research has so improved and people do discuss cancer and yes maybe a select few that think it's a taboo word.But more dont and more media airing on this subject has proved that .
I encourage clients patients to talk about this horrific disease.You do get the select few who think it's a taboo word lets educate them!
As we all know it can happen to any of us anytime ready or not .This we have all seen by what your friend Katie has been going through and also the lovely Jacque another crafting blogger last year.

ursula Uphof said...

Jak, you have been a wonderful help in getting everyone to reach out to Katie and her family. Through you more people are praying for them and thinking and sending positive thoughts to them. That is such a big thing, so don't feel helpless all this is still going on and you were the catalyst. Thank you dear friend.

lady Anne Howard said...

Good morning Jak,
Well done on all the fund raising and all the awareness you have brought to folk with this. I have to agree with Sue about as a retired nurse I remember when no one spoke of it and not even the patient was told until they guessed for their selves!! I have lost so many of my family to cancer most of which I have helped nurse and lived with them through this difficult time. Even when at their side I felt useless as we can't do anything to stop the cancer. All we can do is support them and be there for them and give them hope and the will to fight it. I think you have done an incredible job in your support to Katie and I bet she feels blessed to have a friend like you. No matter what you do, the feeling of helplessness won't go away so don't try to stop accept it as part of the illness...
May you have the strength to continue with your support of Katie and may Katie have the strength to continue her battle. May the Dr's be guided to do what is best for Katie and may her family feel the love and support of us all as we gather here to wish them all well....
God bless each and everyone who supports those who are sick or dying...
Love ~ Lady Anne x

Renkata said...

ohhh such an emotional post Jak, sniff,, sniff

Merry said... have done an amazing thing helping Katie already with your terrific fund raising. But being there when she needs an ear I think is what she would really appreciate. Take care....keep smiling.

sallysbitz2 said...

Jak you have done an amazing job fundraising for Katie & her family.

We all know someone who has been touched with CANCER.
I know I have lost Grandparents - Dad - Cousin to cancer & also have friends & family who have been diagonsed with it too.

My two boys & Brother are doing a walk on 27th March for the Royal Marsden. I also make cards for them too, what they sell on their stalls goes straight back to the patients, whether it be a blanket or wheelchair they need.
This gives me great satisfaction.
I also make cards when docrafts have their appeal each year, but to be honest, the last time I did this & took them to a cancer research shop, the lady was not at all grateful. So I will stick to the Royal Marsden in future (they treated my Dad).

I wish Katie well & look forward to your post with the total raised.

hugs sally x

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Jak, don't be sad...your magic wand has worked hard, and I just know that Katie will say the same xx
I felt the same with may think you're helpless, but I know that underneath it all our little bits of magic make their lives a bit easier xx Big Hugs xx

Jennie said...

You have done such an amazing job Jak. Your thoughtfulness has not gone un-noticed by many hundreds of crafters.


sheffsue said...

You're so right Jak..cancer is not a dirty word. Many people are affected in one way or another. Medical science has come a long way but still has far to go.
Although you are seperated by the miles I'm sure Katie and her family are grateful for all you have done and appreciate your support..believe me, it means a lot.

Sue x

Hazeyj said...

I have to agree with everyone that you are a good friend to Katie, whether or not an ocean separates you. She is in your heart. Warmest wishes and earnest hopes for the both of you! Hazel x

Mad Mary said...

You have done a great job Jak, don't forget that!! you are right Cancer is a horrible illness and affects far too many people in this world. My thoughts are with Katie and her family.

Mary xx

Lisa (Bellingham) said...

Jak...I can't begin to tell you how amazing your efforts have been for our friend. All I can say is WOW...what an amazing group of humans who have stepped up to support Kate & family with cards, hope, dollars, prayers, stories of strength & so much more. It's hard to believe that you all don't just live down the block!! I shook my head in disbelief at first, but now all I can say is thank you. You are truly a wonderful friend!
My Best,

Sheila - Ginger said...

Jak I agree with what everyone has're doing everything that you can this side of the water and I'm positive Katie knows you are such a true friend.
God Bless

Love Sheila xx

Donna said...

Hi Jak, I'm sure your fundraising for Katie has touched her so deeply, what a wonderful thing you did for her. I purchased the first set and loved it and from that I have been visiting Katie's blog and have been so inspired by her bravery. Hugs Donna x

Whimcees said...


Count me in! I have just donated again for the #2 Set. I will add the new image to my blog and continue to do what I can for Katie and her family. She is in my prayers every day.

Bless you for all that you do! Wishing you a great week!


Barbara Diane

Ms. Jen said...


We will find a cure one day. Bless you Jak for all you've done to make a difference. I've donated, sent friends to donate and I'll donate again! If you make a change in one person's life you've done your job. Embrace the love and the pain will ease!

Hugs - Jen

marilynprestonn said...

Thank you Jak, for spreading the word...Cancer that is. Yes, I know it can be trying for some to have to actually talk about it, but when faced with it, one can not turn away and whisper.

I love everything you did for "our" friend Katie. She does not know me personally but her story moves me as I lost my sister to cancer. I can not imagine the terror of living with cancer and not know what next, but yet, friends like you stand up and make a difference. I wanted to thank you for that Jak, deeply and sincerely.

Kindly, Peggy