Wednesday 19 January 2011

Some Thank You's

I just wanted to say a few thank yous to everyone who has donated to the Help for Katie fundraising that I have been doing, I know the goods that you get in return are a very big sweetener to people that donate but without your kind hearts this wouldn't be possible.

Also everyone who hopped over to Katie's blog and left her words of encouragement I know just how much it means to her and Katie writes an incredible journey of what is happening to her.

Katie has had her 2nd batch of chemo and is just coming out of the other side of this now as it left her weak and fatigued this time round and in Katie's words "very foggy"
Katie has took control of her hair loss situation and got Kevin (husband) to shave her head, which as you can imagine wouldn't have been an easy task for wither of them.

I am sharing a couple of Katie's photo's with you today.

So onto the fundraising, we have raised a great amount but i know that with your help we can do even better so please please tell everyone you know about the fundraising and lets do our utmost to help Katie and her family.


lindah11 said...

no thank you jaks
i read katies blog and always leave counting my blessing
she is truely such a brave lady
hugs and blessing to them all
linda x

Gina said...

Jak, thank you so much for letting us know about Katie. There are so many people who need people in their lives like you. I've been over to her blog and want to go back to comment but its just so hard to know what to say. My former ma in law went through the chemo etc but she was almost eighty. To see young people with their life in front of them experiencing this made her cry and it makes me cry too. How brave can humans be when they need to?
Gina x

Annette Bowes said...

Thank you for the update, one very brave lady! Take CareX:)

Andrea6760 said...

Thank you Jak for bringing Katie and her story to our attention. It takes a very big heart to reach out to get everyone involved for Katie's cause. What a loving gesture you did and even if there were no stamps or prizes involved, I believe that the crafting community would have stepped up to the plate for Katie.

I have met some truly incredible people through stamping/cardmaking/crafting and I believe that there are special people who bring out the good in others. You have that type of spirit Jak.

Thank you for your email, but it was my pleasure to help, in even my small way, a very brave woman. I am keeping Katie and her family in my prayers and am adding some for you too!


Marlene said...

I was more than happy to donate to this cause...with or without the images received in return (and I will freely admit they were absolutely very generous for the amount asked!)

I continue to pray for Katie....and thank you and all those involved in this project for doing such a wonderful thing for someone in our little community!

Dawn Frost said...

Its nice to be able to help someone because many times we feel helpless. Thanks for organizing such a great fundraiser Jak.

caroline said...

thank you Jak for keeping us informed on Katie, It puts such a strain on the whole family, i think they are all brave not an easy thing to deal with, my nephews partner is going through the same but with cervical cancer, they have two girls under 5 and she is only 25, she has lost her hair and very tired from the chemo.
Keep fighting Katie we are all behind you and keep you in our prayers.
Yes the sets were a sweetener but i would have donated regardless as im sure most other people would have done.The crafting community is such a caring one.
caroline x