Thursday 27 January 2011

Build a Blossom by La Pashe - Jak Heath

Building blossoms at work (La Pashe)ready for the trade show in February.
I love the ease of making these and I have so many more of them to come.
I will be doing some video tutorials just to show you how simple these are to make and the stunning realistic blossom results that you will be able to acheive will amaze who ever receives them from you.


Ms. Jen said...

I can't wait for the tutorials. These are gorgeous.

craftymum said...

Looking forward to the tutorials. I will be at the trade show in Feb. I will come and say hello to you if you aren't too busy
hugs Sarah x

Hazeyj said...

Can't believe how beautiful those flowers are on the all-too-short vid, had to watch it twice, lol. Can't wait for the release, Hazel x

Unknown said...

Hello Jak

I'm ashamed to say its a long time since I've been here - I've been a very bad (rubbish) blogger.

I love those blooms you've made and will have a look at the tutorial in a mo. I have subscribed now you have the button - by far the best way for me to keep up with you.

I'll read a few back posts - but just in case... hope all is well with you and your family - particularly little Jack.

Paula x x x

Sheila - Ginger said...

These look fabulous Jak can't wait to see more. You always do such great and informative videos.

Love Sheila xx

Mad Mary said...

Stunning Jak and can't wait to see the tutorials too.

Mary x

Dawn Frost said...

Your flowers are gorgeous can't wait for the tutorial!

Anonymous said...

Stunning Jak I look forward to seeing them in the flesh x

caroline said...

hi Jak, the flowers are gorgeous, cannot wait to get my hands on these and have a go
caroline x

Lori m said...

Thank you for the wonderful tutorial these are just gorgeous. I'm learning more and more each day, thank you again.