Sunday 12 September 2010

Trying Out The New Camera

I have a long way to go to learning my new camera but as they saying goes "practice makes perfect" so below is some of my practices.

My Daddy say's I have to support football, but my Auntie Natalie say's she's gonna teach me ballet.

Can you tell he's a Mum's boy?

they simply dote on each other.

Did you know that Admiral Butterflies have hairy backs? I didn't until today.


kathleen said...

Jack is gorgeous Jak you just want to cuddle him.

Kathleen x

Maz said...

Gorgeous boy - my son is only a couple of weeks younger so I love seeing photos of Jack. However, if it's a choice of being a Sunderland supporter or ballet, I say go with the ballet! x

Mad Mary said...

Oh isn't he so adorable Jak, he's changing in each picture you share. That butterfly picture is amazing too. I don't think you will need to practice too much with your new camera.

Mary xx

My'scardcorner said...

All beautiful pictures Jak and how Jack is growing bet he is loads of fun enjoy.

Kraftyaunt said...

Jack has those happy sparkling eyes! Take lots of pictures of him with your new camera and enjoy!

Williams said...

Look at those eyes, what a little smasher! Definately go with Sunderland tho! if he's anywhere near East stand Row 25 465 tell him to wave!