Monday 20 September 2010

Isn't Nature Wonderful?

We took a stroll through dene on Sunday afternoon to get some practice in with the new camera, It must be 15 years since I actually went down the dene and infact my Mam and Dad often took my two girls and their dog down there for a stroll.

We hadn't been far into the dene when we came across a squirrel so we were quite chuffed, they really move through the trees but we managed to get a couple of pics.

We were soon deep into the dene going far further than I could remember and we got taking to the game keeper, he led Chris down to the river to take a couple of shots of funghi on the trees it was very muddy so I followed carefully carrying the camera case and the tripod.

Then it happened, I slid on the mud going backside over boobs and landed on the muddy floor skidding along the bottom, actually it was my bottom much to the delight of young walkers Chris and the game keepers dog which thought it was some sort of game I was playing, when I did come to a halt and try to scamble to my feet as if nothing had happened, Chris asking through chuckles, are you alright? yes says I lying through my teeth so not to make any further seen, so I'm now sporting a sore and tender backside.

On the good side I brought much entertainment to all the Sunday afternoon walkers.

Come and take a walk with me through the dene it's beautiful.

The squirrel that hops from branch to branch making crackling sounds in the trees.

And stopping politely to pose for a picture.

A branch that has a little magical forest all of it's own.

A single Ivy vine stretching it's arm up through the tree to find a bit of sunlight.

A single red leaf is the sneak peek reminder that autumn is on it's way.

To the Funghi growing on fallen rotton trees.
I hope you've enjoyed the walked through the dene with me.


Merry said...

I sure did enjoy my stroll with you. Such pretty photos. Thanks for sharing. Off to check out the word dene as I have never heard of that before.

Jeni said...

Gorgeous pics! ~jeni :)

Renkata said...

wow you make my day!, such a beautiful foto's

Dawn said...

Thanks for sharing!Hope your BTM & pride recover soon!!!
Dawn x

My'scardcorner said...

Lovely pics can remember going to Jesmond dene when we lived up NCLE
Hope you are feeling easier in the bottom area :0)

Kathyk said...

Hope your bottom isn't too sore this morning, thanks for sharing the tale and the lovely piccies too.


tracy said...

hehe thanks for the chuckle, can just picture it now, hope sitting isnt too uncomfortable,
love the pics

caroline said...

enjoyed the walk with you Jak, the photo's are great, i would say you have the hang of your new camera. we have a lovely dene over here in weardale which has a hidden valley which is a mass of primroses in the summer.
caroline x

tilly said...

what stunning pics.... know what you mean about the fall, I took my friend to A & E last Wednesday, parked my car and fell, got up bleeding from both knees and hands, said I was okay and pretended it was nothing, I still cannot function. Think I have damaged knee-cap and wrist, no more good turns lol
Tilly x

Mad Mary said...

Fantastic pictures Jak, i think you have well and truely got the hang of your new camera. Pity your feet weren't so easy to control lol. Sorry couldn't resist that. Hope your not too sore today.

Mary xxx

Cathy said...

jak: So fun to read your "walk" story and envision the tumble but thankfully nothing was too badly hurt but your pride. On a bright note you are getting really good with the new camera. Hugs :)

julie said...

Hi Jak, when you say dene were you talking about castle eden dene cause we went there last weekend and we did the whole circut, me my hubby and sister and brother-in-law and there youngest daughter. we had a fab time it took us almost 3 hours it's just so magical there like your in another world I would reccommend it to anyone who likes a long or short walk and yes we saw a couple of squirrels not ling enough to takwe a picture though so you were very lucky and a rabbit,hope you not to sore after your fall hugs :)

Jak Heath said...

No Julie it was Hawthorn Dene

Wilma Knottenbelt said...

Thanks Jak. That made for some entertaining reading and beautiful pictures.

Sheila - Ginger said...

Thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful photos Jak. Many thanks for sharing such wonderful country scenes.

Love Sheila xx

Crafty_Kitten said...

Gorgeous piccys Jak, I love to wander through the woods taking pics too. We live next to a bluebell woods, It is a real sight to be seen when all the bluebells are out, and the smell is divine! I adore squirrels too, I think they are all posers when they see a camera!
And it's nice to see that other people take pics of funghi. I thought it was just me and my other half who did that!
xx Lynn xx

Marcea said...

Gorgeous pictures Jak, I have somewhere very similar to this close by - how lucky we are :o)