Monday 28 June 2010

A bit of Sunshine

Most people that know me would tell you I'm the only person they know that can kill a Cactus but that doesn't stop me trying to grow my own, It is absolutely shameful that I am the way I am as I come from a background of vegetable and flower growers.
My Dad used to show his Vegetables and won many a trophy yet here I am useless.
this is Dad 21st September 1968 I'd of been 3 years old.

So with the help of my Mam and a lovely next door neighbour here is my contribution to summer.

Such a shame not to capture a bit of beauty

Salmon Begonia

As you can see I'm not quite green fingered yet but I am trying.

Lemon Begonia

Stunningly Velvety
Red Rose


Suzi Mac said...

They are so pretty Jak, the colours are so vibrant, I love my garden and spend a lot of time in it. So I know the hard work you have to put in to achieve these blooms. Well done.
Suzi x

Tammy said...

Such beautiful blooms....I love when they do blossom.I am a work in progress too with my green thumb. Benefits are just lovely.

Marge said...

Gorgeous, Jak! I'll have to send you a photo of my soon-to-bloom Orchid. It bloomed for the first time last summer & I joked it's because of our "hot house" -- our actual house because my hubby keeps the thermostat at 81 degrees! Gets a bit toasty; thank God for ceiling fans! BUT I can grow orchids now -- LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Your begonia blooms are lovely. I can't seem to grow them successfylly at all. Don't give up on the green thumb.

Linda said...

The begonias and rose are lovely. Such vibrant colours.

Think you must be a late developer.

My'scardcorner said...

Just beautiful you are having better luck than me this year as mine got nipped with the frost and are slow to recover but I keep on with the TLC. Well done you

Mad Mary said...

Your flowers are gorgeous Jak,love the colours. I think you are doing great, much better than my efforts!

Mary xx

Sheila - Ginger said...

Well you can tell how green fingered I am Jak as I thought they were all roses!!LOl!!! They're beautiful!....and such a wonderful photo of your Dad...those veggies are huge!!

Love Sheila xx

Mariek said...

beautiful roses. such a lovely time of year.

Anonymous said...

I hope this doesn't put my comment on twice
I'm not really greenfingered but my late father could always be found in his homemade greenhouse with his tomatoes. Well my blending colour are Cobalt Blue & Arctic Blue for all my Jeans work and Amethyst & Orchid because I love the colours.

Jean B

Nicola said...

Gorgeous Jak, i think you've done your dad proud! they look huge and gorgeous colours too!!
Well done.

Val said...

Jak - these are beautiful, and I am sure your Dad would have been really proud of you.

Both my father and mother were keen gardeners, and as a child I did not know what a shop bought vegetable was, and woe betide me if I went anywhere near the prize flowers int the garden and greenhouse which were being brought on to show!

I love gardening, but my current garden is tiny with raised borders because I am not so mobile any more, but it is full of my favourite roses, and other flowers.


Millie said...

Hi Jak, I am like a brown thumb gardener..The only thing I can grow here in Arizona is Pathos and most of the viney kind of plants indoors & sometimes if I'm lucky a cactus which grow wild here outdoors. for me its too hot to venture outside, its 108 degrees F here and its only 3:30 pm

Millie said...

Sorry I got long winded Jak, but your flowers are absolutely stunning and I wish I had a green thumb instead of a brown said...

Your flowers are beautiful! Great job! It is so cold here in Perth, we haven't put our noses out the door for weeks. Autumn leaves piling up outside..........and weeds in my Pansys! One day......but onto some more card making! :)
Keep up the lovely garden.

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

I'm hopeless in the garden too, and my Dad has always been a keen gardener (until recently). I bought a Begonia just the other day funnily enough...Dad used to grow them, and I can see it from the kitchen window where it can remind me of the 'Good Old Days' xx

flutterbys-n-faeries said...

well done to yur green fingers jak... mine are multi coloured at the mo from blending colours on my card!!! lol

Jess's Crafty Things said...

Jak thats such a special photo to have and to share with us.. your flowers are gorgeous and I guess the gorgeous blooms are helped when the rain stays away.. i think your Dad passed his green fingers on to you for sure x