Thursday 26 November 2009

Tea Towel Winners

The 5 lucky ladies that win a Tea Towel each from All Tea Towels are...

hmm, it's a toss up between the naughty cat under the tree and the Twelve Days of Christmas!!

I can't believe there are so many to choose from. The nostalgia ones are great but then I was torn between the Owls and Fashion Victim. SO I'm going for one of the ones you've shown - Hand Wash Only - so appropriate. Thanks for letting us know about these wonderful products. Kim x

Anne Marie
Wow these tea towels are fab and I got ideas for Stocking filler gifts on just about every page!! My favourite has to be the one witht he Border collie on it. It just looks so like my SIL's collie. would make a great gift for her if I was to win it. Not fliipin likely though - lol!! Love the wrapping idea too Jak!!

Hi Jak,Your log is a smashing idea- it looks so good. I had a lovely time going through the tea towels and to my surprise I found out it's only approx 15 miles from where I live- small world and all that!! Hard to choose a favourite, probably the form-ewe-la-one which I would give to my daughter-in-law as she's besotted with it, or the gorgeous Rennie MacIntosh design for myself!Hugs,Trish

What a fab idea for a christmas pressie, had a look and there are many favourites!! If I had to choose one though it would be the penguins on ice drinking tea, how cute!Thanks for showing us them, Louise x

Well done Ladies please email me with your final choice of which Tea Towel you would like and I will forward the details to Al at All Tea Towels

For those of you that haven't yet visited Al's shop head over there now you still have plenty of time to buy them to give as Christmas Presents


Sam said...

I won!? Wooohooo - I am still having trouble trying to decide which one I prefer - am off for another look! Thank you so much!!

Mad Mary said...

Well done to all the ladies who won. Thank you again Jak for doing this.

Mary x

Nicola said...

Welldone every one!!

Anonymous said...

Well done, everyone, congratulations. Visited the site, yesterday, Jak and noticed that it is just several miles away from me, but I ordered my tea towel online- too lazy to travel the distance!!

Al is such a nice man - by email, anyway :)

Alice (beemer)

Merry said...

Congratulations to all you lucky winners.

Anne Marie said...

Wow - Thanks Jak - first time entrant and all!! Maybe I'll play the lottery this weekend!! lol

Al @ All Tea Towels said...

Congratulations to the 5 winners, and I will First Class mail your tea towels to you on Monday morning.

Thanks also to Jak for spending your time putting this together, and your Ewe'l Log is delightful!

For those who arrived from Jak's blog and purchased tea towels, I really appreciate that, thanks.

I will be adding many new tea towel designs over the next couple of weeks, and there are a fab range of Christmas and Santa themed tea towels available now. They will make lovely Christmas presents, or a nice treat for yourself and your kitchen.


Sam said...

I am so pleased to say that my tea towel arrived this morning!!! It is bigger than I expected and feels very nice. I look foward to using it over Christmas!

lou said...

My tea towel arrived yesterday and it is gorgeous, so nice not sure I can bring myself to use it!!
Thanks to Jak and Al x