Wednesday 24 June 2009

Wild Orchids

A Tuesday Lunch time stroll with Jim Harker the artist that I work at La Pashe with.
Jim know me well after 2 years working together. We can often be found talking a stroll around the block on our morning and afternoon break times, it clears our heads and gives our eyes a rest from the close up work that we do.
Tuesday Lunch time we took a short car journey to a spot Jim had found whilst walking his canine friend (Scamp) and had found some wild Orchids.
with camera in hand I managed to capture a few of these beauties to show you all.
I looked up the name of these and they are Dactylorhiza praetermissa - Southern Marsh orchids and are protected so I won't say where we found them, I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as we did in the finding of them.

A close up shot

Unbelieveable that these are growing wild

A close up view


Polly Pierce said...

Jak, these are so beautiful and you've managed to capture their essence so well. You must have a good camera!

Just thinking about my initial reaction to these lovely photo's it seems to me that nearly all flowers are my favourites, including these...

Jan R said...

They're just beautiful Jak. You're so lucky to be able to see them so close up too. Such gorgeous colours too.

PeeJay said...

Beautiful Jak. There's nothing can beat nature is there?

Mad Mary said...

They are absolutely gorgeous Jak and the last picures is wonderful, really shows off the colours in the flower.

Mary x

Greta said...

Oh Jak these are just so beautiful x

My'scardcorner said...

Just beautiful Jak lucky you finding them in their own habitat
lovely pictures TFS bet you enjoyed your walk :0)

lisa said...

Your walk sounds lovely and these orchids are stunning. Your photos capture them so well.


Nicki said...

WOW these are absolutely beautiful, love the pattern on the petals, so pretty, fab photos too

Anonymous said...

These are so beautiful, Jak!

Alice (beemer)

Unknown said...

Hi Jackie you pics are beautiful, better than the ones I took last year. they grow near where I live too.

Anonymous said...

Gosh Jak these are beautiful! Such a shame our wild flowers are disappearing from our environments.
Viv xx