Thursday 11 September 2008

I feel a bit of a cheat with this card

The main image on this card was bought exactly as you see it, I've had it a few years and it came fully made up on a sheet of 6 Christmas decoupaged toppers.
So I dusted the cobwebs off it punched a border on some gold card and punched a couple of holes and added the ribbon I finished the card by adding red gems andedging the card with a gold pen.
Now why did I only buy 2 sheets of these toppers?


Unknown said...

Ohhhh thats is gorgeous Jak, well done x

Anonymous said...

I see what you mean - sometimes we can not see the wood for the trees, and miss the opportunity to make life easy for ourselves. Very nice card anyway you made it.


Ann Whitfield said...

It's a lovely card Jak and I think I can answer your question - in fact you have yourself....gorgeous as they look, you don't have to do enough!
Ann x

Chrissie said...

It looks fabulous Jak, which just goes to show that it's the finishing touches that make the card! Without your ribbons, borders etc. this would not look the same. It's nice when we can actually make life a little easier sometimes isn't it?

Heather "Hev" said...

Love how you have done this - looks so very special!!

I have found you either dont buy enough of something and want more, or you buy loads of something and it never works out how you want so the rest just stay there - hmmmmff

Anonymous said...

Jak, this is a beautiful card! I love the pre-made image. I've never seen anything like that here.

Anonymous said...

Trust you to find the classiest topper on the planet!!
Mind you do dress them up well too.

Anonymous said...

Love it Jak my sister gave me some toppers just like the one you have used may as well use them I hope mine turn out as lovely as yours

Lorraine x

Anonymous said...

Jak wow love this cand and so simple. Gorgeous. Love Catarina x x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card, Jak- it may be a ready-made topper but the application is stunning. Your own creativity with additional embellishments has brought it to life.

Cazz said...

its not cheating - its being resourceful hun xxx

and its beautiful xx

Anonymous said...

Love this card Jak --- it might be a bought topper but you added your own unique finish to make it you're own !

Carolerob x

Anonymous said...

This card is lovely Jak
it may be a bought topper but sometimes l think we need to resort to using these as we all lead such busy lives and if you have lots of xmas cards to do like me the odd bought topper adds to the making of quick cards l could perhaps do with a few myself, and they do make lovely cards so don't feel guilty l am sure everyone of us has and still does use them from time to time.
Pitstop x

Anonymous said...


I have seen this topper in a set from Studio cards. It is in their current catalogue,