Friday 18 April 2008

Helppppppppp !!!!!

Why on earth do I not learn to keep my mouth shut?
You would think at my age I was old enough to learn but no!

My eldest daughter Lauren is getting Engaged 16th May and what did I go and do, offer to make the cake or should I say cakes. 3 in total.

The cakes have been made and are all ready to marzipan and ice, those that know me will tell you I gave up cake decorating over 10 years ago and the type I specialised in was sugar craft making all the delicate flowers, the reasoning behind giving it up was everyone expected them done yesterday giving me very little time to complete.

Lucky for Lauren I didn't throw away my tools I hid them away in the loft. Now the hard part Lauren wants something a little funky arghhhhhhhhhhhh I don't do funky and this little engagement cake project has cost me roughly £150.00 so far.

I expect it will all turn out fine it is just that I am stressing over it a little.
Below is the last cakes I made for a friends Wedding (the second time round).


Kevin Renz said...

Hi Jak,

I got your little note, thank you. Your cakes are beautiful. I'm jealous of your talent. I cake decorated for about 12 years, but never got the opportunity to do sugar crafts like that. I did much more main stream kind of stuff.

IamDerby said...

You are so talented! I love decorating cakes but mine do NOT look like that! LOL