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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Update on Jack

You just wouldn’t believe how he has grown, tonight he had a dress rehearsal for world Book day.


Now that wasn’t the end of todays adventures, after his Mam picked him up from nursery they when to His little Nanna’s and Granda’s house (his Great Nanna and Granda) his Mam always cuts little Granda’s hair but today Jack became the little Barber.

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Cheryl W. said...

He is the cutest little man! Thanks for sharing these precious pictures and video.

Lady Anne Milnes-Howard said...

Oh he is growing so quickly Jak, I think Granddad was very brave *laughing* but I bet Jack thought he was so grown up cutting Granddads hair? Thank you for sharing his progress with us...
Love ~ Lady Anne
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Maryann Laursen said...

They´re just sooo precious aren´t they? He´s a real little charming cutie, he is, and I´m sure, he´ll make quite a few girls fall for him, when he gets a bit older ha ha ha.
Thanks sooo much for sharing him with all of us here too Jak.

Mad Mary said...

Love Jacks little outfit, he suits being a pirate. Love the video too.
He is such a wee cutie.

Mary x

Janette said...

Oh they do grow up so quickly, it's amazing when you think...
Today I also have a Pirate, the Mad Hatter and Hermoine from Harry Potter...not to mention my daughter who has to dress up as well..lol...xx

sallysbitz2 said...

Jack looks great. Seems all kids dressed up for world book day x

hugs sally x

Anonymous said...

What a perfect pirate costume. I did one for my daughter recently. Pirates are so fun for kids!