Friday, 25 May 2012

That's Better!

The things we go through to try to get a bit of sparkle back.

I had a lot of natural blonde (wink) coming into my hair and thought it was time to enhance the hairdo.


Thats better.


Emily Painter-Davis said...

Very nice!

Emily Painter-Davis said...

Very nice!

Dawn said...

Woot Woo look at you! Very nice do dear!
Dawn xx

CraftyJo said...

I like the way you worded that..."natural blonde " too! Looking good now :)

craftynanny said...

Woo hoo! Very 'on trend' as they say these days!! Lea x

Lorianna said...

It looks STUNNING!!!
Frames your face so nicely!!!
I'll be doing that myself next week LOL
With Summer on it's way,
There is a sign in my beautician's place that says, "Are you blonde yet"?
I look at it and say! No but I will be when I leave here!!! LOL

I really do it to cover all the grays!!


Tammy said...

Stunning Jak! Really lights up your face and eyes!

Joyce said...

Lovely! You're lookin' good! xx

Wendy L said...

Looks good Jak. Been having to do that for a good few years now. xxxx

Joscelyn said...

Looking very good

Anonymous said...

Looking good, girl, takes years of your life.

ursula said...

Beautiful Jak, I have given up on mine, toooo much natural blonde to try and contend with, so have left it natural.....luv Ursula XX

sallysbitz said...

Funny, I have them too Lol
Only when I get rid of em, they keep coming back Lol

Your hair looks lovely Jak x

hugs sally x

Merry said...

Looking good.