Monday 8 April 2024

Engraved Metal Business Cards

I have engraved these metal business cards using the XTool S1, I have added a star over the QR code to hide the details.

I love how these have turned out, I used a thick metal Anodised card which is more expensive but doesn’t bend so less likely to damage.

The beauty of these cards is that you only need one of them, you just allow your client, business associates to scan the QR code with their phone camera to get all of your contact details.
On my card I even added a picture to the back of it.

Wednesday 3 April 2024

XTool S1 laser cutter Engraver

I was a lucky lady and was bought a laser cutter for my birthday, I wanted something that I could grow with so I opted for the 20W XTool S.

It has been so long, after changing careers I just hadn’t wanted to do any craft, or very little craft the odd crochet here and there and a bit of baking but that was about it.
I guess working as a florist was giving me the creativity that I needed.
Anyway, lets forward to my birthday gift, I’m sure not only I but also Chris will have a go with it as his model railway builds are bound to have things that he could cut out on it.
I started with engraving. Just playing and having a go.
Soon I moved on to a project so here is my first for my grand fur babies.
Somewhere to hang their leashes and collars.

I’ve also engraved a few metal business cards with QR codes so I’ll take some pictures of them soon maybe I’ll add a star over the top for security reasons.


Tuesday 4 April 2023

Heart Iced Cookies

Continuing the iced cookies trying to master it, simple shapes like hearts and enjoying experimenting with the design.

These were fun, I managed to get the flow of the icing how I wanted it.

Much less lumpy and a better consistency.

Roses Leaves and dots made pretty cookies.

The trick was to work quickly before the icing started to set.

Pretty patterns by piping lines and dragging a needle through the piping.

Sunday 2 April 2023

Iced Cookies

I’ve watching in awa of some of the iced cookies that I have seen, at Christmas I made the Christmas cake  and decided to use a cookie mould, this was a Karen Davies mould, and I iced with royal icing to decorate, I loved how it turned out.

Obviously it is a learning curve but it was fun and we enjoyed snacking on the cookies before cutting into the cake.

Maybe it was a bit adventurous for my first but I enjoyed the process.

Thursday 27 October 2022

Remembrance Day Display

We always try to do a display at the Flower Shop and I loved making all of the pieces for Remembrance Day to put this one together.

So I started with Poppies making loads but unsure what they were for.
I thought maybe a wreath. It is also pretty lucky that my husband is a dab had at carpentry so I request a free standing cross and of course he obliged.
I needed rocks for around the base of the cross and mine started life as brown packaging paper which I painted then dry brushed to get the effect.
I had them drying all over my kitchen benches.

Once dry they were scrunched up and dry brushed with white paint which worked beautifully

I painted the wooded cross white and added the Lest We Forget and soldiers with black vinyl cut using my electronic cutter.

As you can see it all came together quite nicely.
I just needed to set the scene.
So here it all is in place in the Flower Shop

I added a camouflage net the wreath, some boots and army trousers.

I used up the extra paper poppies on our work bench.

All in all I’m really please how this has turned out.