Saturday 15 August 2020

Needle Felt Gardening Mouse

This little beauty was made as a gift for my Mams Birthday in June, both my mam and Dad are and were avid gardeners, my Dad grew all of our vegetables in an allotment so when he wasn't at work he could be found working in the garden.
I knew a felted mouse would delight my Mam. 

I wasn't wrong, she loves him.

I had so much fun making the miniatures to feature with the mouse and even found a dolls house miniature newspaper that I could print and make up.

The delight of watching this felted creation build up and all the pain of some finger stabs was worth every hour it took when I saw the joy it gave to my Mam

Isn't it fabulous. I'm proud of this one.

From his flat cap to his waistcoat I loved making him.


Janette said...

Oh my word this is stunning, its just brilliant Jak it must've taken forever to make but wow, was it worth it and the little newspaper is adorable, I LOVE it.xx

maggiemac said...

Absolutely brilliant Jak. I keep saying I am going to have a go at needle felting. You have given me inspiration to give it a try

Dawn said...

You’re so good at this Jak! You can turn your hand to anything! Xx