Wednesday 15 July 2020

Fairytale Needle Felting Pincushion

Once upon a time in a land of fluff and colour lived a princess who sewed, she had lots of bits and pieces that needed organizing and one of the things that was problematic was where to keep her pins and needles without the mountain dragon collecting them to use for his weapons.

I know my head is in fairy land but hey, in this unpredictable world it is good to escape into a better one now and again.
Needle Felting does that for me, a bit of escapism from this weird world that we live in.

Again using a vintage tea trio as my base as they are so pretty I created a fairy-tale of my own which I think any sewing princess out there would love.

I'm thinking of selling these sewing pincushion with a difference for around £25 plus postage I have 3 different ones made up so far.

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Sandra H said...

Ooh wow this is so lovely