Tuesday 7 May 2019

Fathers Day - Don't Panic

Who do you think you are kidding!
I suppose you have to be a certain age to appreciate this one.
with printed vinyl you can have so much fun, G.M.Crafts have got you covered with a fabulous selction of printed vinyl like the one I'm showing here the Union Jack.

Dads Army the old sit com was one of my husband favourite and we often end up watching repeats on it. 
So yes he actually loves this T-Shirt and wears it with pride.
I love you easy gift giving has become using vinyl and tailoring a design to an individual means it doesn't get pushed in a drawer and forgotten about.

in all a fairly cheap T-Shirt and a 15 second press to make a personalized gift.

Vinyl used
Mans T-Shirt

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Unknown said...

Love this one. Unfortunately I remember this so well