Sunday 10 March 2019

Multi Layered Heat Transfer Vinyl How To

How to start with layering HTV ( Heat Transfer Vinyl)
When you see a multi coloured design using vinyl it can be a little daunting but it doesn't need to be.

 Where do you start? well I think finding a design that you like is a very good starting point. Then I would say finding a vinyl that is of good quality that has been trialed and tested.
That is where GM Crafts comes in. For my project I used the Premium Vinyl, it's flexible and just look at the colour range.

Once you have your colours you need to take your design into your electronic cutting machine ( I used Silhouette Cameo) 

When I send to cut it was easier for me to cut by colour fill, see the pic below.

Once  each colour of the vinyl is cut and the weeding is finished then the fun of adding it to your project begins.
I found it best to print my design out onto paper and add it between the layers of the T-Shirt, I could see the design through the T-Shirt making it much easier to know where each colour needed to be when pressing.

Working one colour at a time and pressing for 5 seconds until all layers are completed.

Once I have all of the vinyl colours on the T-Shirt I gave it a final maximum 10 second press and then you're done, For an EasyPress machine follow the manufacturers recommendations.

This could be the perfect way of using up all of your colour scraps.

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Child's T-Shirt in white

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Maz T said...

Love the design, but never thought about putting a print underneath the tshirt to show where the design goes, fantastic idea. Thank you x