Thursday 15 June 2017

Making a Fairy Garden

I've seen so many people making a Fairy Garden that I wanted to get in on the action.

Have you got one? 

So where to start, I know you can buy all of the accessories but i think it would be fun to make your own too.

I decided to make a little fairy house using Powertex and air dry clay. The toadstools were fun to make and the clay worked well and painted with mica powders to get the vibrant red.

This started as a mint sauce glass jar and after a couple of weeks indoors it will be able to go in the garden as it will be weatherproof, always a good thing in the UK. The lid is still removable so I would fill it with sand before placing it in the garden just to give it some weight.

I added aluminium foil under the material to give shapes of doorways and window and a little extra padding to the lid.


I used the ivory Powertex to dot the toadstools.

Adding the plaster door as the fairy has to have a door to get into her home.

I finished with a dusting of Mica Powder to highlight.

So now I need to figure what to make next.


Handcrafted by Hev said...

Love it. Well done xxx

My'scardcorner said...

Looks brilliant can't wait to see if you add to it.

Janette said...

It's another wonderful creation Jak.x

Margaret, said...

Lovely Jak but to complecated for me lol