Monday 21 March 2016

What makes us Hoarders

Something that I giggle about often, hoarding. Why do I do it? I strive to be minimalistic, I don't think that is will happen in my lifetime.

I remember visiting my Grand parents home and always coming away with carrier bags full of groceries I believe it made her feel good to give. You had to take the stuff as she would be offended otherwise, yes my Nanna was a first class hoarder of groceries.

When I lived at home with my Mam and Dad we lived in a remote part of the village so my Mam had a walk in pantry that was full to the gills, within the Pantry was a chest freezer, again full to the gills, with home made bread and pies and meat for our meals.

So here we are 35 years on and my Mam who now lives alone and is 82 years this year still has a full to the brim pantry. I took Mam a dinner up today and came away with 2 carrier bags of goodies.

My Husband Chris always says if we ever go to war he is going straight to my Mams house and boarding us all in as there is enough food there to last us all for around 6 months without ever having to leave ha ha!

So does this pass down the family!

I always have extra in but not to the extent that both my Mam and my Nanna had.

Now I know that most crafters are guilty of hoarding and after reorganising my craft room I am guilty as charged of this, I had to take a deep breath and give loads away to brownies, girl guides and a local school.

Are you a hoarder? What do you hoard?

Do you have like my a under stair cupboard that you throw things into never to see light of day again?




Dawn said...

Oh Jak! I think we are all a bit like that in the crafting world!
Dawn x

Stamps and Paper said...

The answer to your question is yes I am a hoarder on crafty things, clothes that I think 'oh I'll get in that next year' and of course never do.
I was taught when I got married over 47 years ago that you should always have a store cupboard of food so if anyone should 'pop in' to see to you can always provide them with a meal.
I have slowly been going through my crafty stuff but it's going to take months to,do....I do think all crafters are hoarder as you think 'the h that might come in handy'.....does anyone know if there's a club like A A but for hoarders ?


Kelly Lloyd said...

Well jak.. I've recently took the plunge to try sort out my hoarding of Hunkydory kits.
I've always loved them but always wanted to keep them uncut and together. I've acquired quite a collection that keeps growing so I thought it was about time I stopped hoarding and started using, well it does mean I have a reason to buy more ;-)

Kelly xx

Sue from Oregon said...

In my goal to clear some things go...I recently broke down a bunch of card board boxes....what if I need to mail something now??? Nothing left :)

Unknown said...

I was brought up post war and we had to save everything. Now I drive my kids crazy "saving" anything that takes my eye. In my craft room its a nightmare really. Card, paper, boxes ,packets,envelopes,pieces of acetate off products, any container or bottle.a variety of embellishments,stamps,dies and every sort of colouring medium that I'm attracted to.There is too much to mention.
But do you know what ??. Each piece is a treasure, a walk down memory lane as I have gone through all the different fads and fashion in my 30 year addiction to card making.Its my passion,my pleasure ,and its a big part of my happiness when I wake each morning. Its life..and although my room appears to be shrinking, what could I get rid of. Like you I have a clean up due to necessity,from time to time,but I only give away small ammounts to encourage someone else on this beautifull path.

gingernuts said...

Hi Jak. I also am a food and craft hoarder. I think it is the generation
we were brought up in. Their is 2 of us I have 2 tall freezers in the
garage full. My daughters says why you have a bus stop at the end of the
road.As for craft hoarding every time I buy another Hunkydory kit I have to buy more boxes. My husband is not going to change me after 53 years,

Janette said...

I think most of us are guilty as charged Jak, it's a problem, the older I get the more I try to sort, but then I bring more for the crafty stash....I have cleaned out alot but could do more...and don't get me started on sewing stash, material is a major thing for me, as is wool in I have a problem.....happy crafting....have you noticed I haven't mentioned food...omg.....!!!!!xxxx

christi said...

jak,, reading your post today was a blast from the past as they say. my grandmother was a hoarder. i truely think for her it was because of the depression. she knew what it was like to do without and never wanted to be there again. she would get a new outfit and we would want her to wear it and she would put it away to be buried in. then another and so on. we finally jokingly told her that she had plenty and didn't need that many to have with her to please wear some. these were all gifts of course she would never get anything for herself. after awhile we would just get her food so we felt as if she would get something. candy was her fav. so back to the question yes i hoard craft supplies. i just don't know how long i will have to live to use them up. as they say as soon as you get rid of it you'll need it so ...

Maria said...

Hi Jak,
love reading the comments. I'm not a hoarder as that, oh who do I try to kid hihi. Papers,cards ,stamps and dies. Ribbons, always cutting off the ones from my tops and crafting magazines. Oh yes I believe I'm a hoarder too.
Have a lovely Easter xx