Tuesday 4 August 2015

Its Started–Wedding Stationery

My youngest Daughter Natalie and her fiancé Adam are to be wed next year so there is lots of preparations to do.

We went and chose the most beautiful wedding dress but of course I can’t show you that yet, we also sat down and started to look at her wedding stationery, we have mocked up a few ideas and we now know what the invites will be like but in the mean time we needed some save the dates making and sending out.

I finished them last night and she collected them so now I need to start the invites.

Photo 03-08-2015 14 46 06

And…. if you have been feeling a little tired lately and unsure what to do this maybe your answer, just look what our local garage did.

Photo 28-07-2015 19 53 11

Pretty impressive yes?

Photo 28-07-2015 19 53 28

He has added another design since I took this so watch this space.

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Maryann Laursen said...

Congrats to all with the upcomming wedding. The Save the Date cards are amazing, so now I can´t wait to see the rest you´ll be making for it over time.
This is such a fun and awesome idea, and very impressive, that´s for sure.

Kathyk said...

Love your save the date stationery and the tyre art is very impressive indeed


Lyds said...

Totally gorgeous Save The Date (I tried abbreviating that, but decided it was a no go!!! Lol) cards Jak x
Congrats to Natalie and Adam 😊
The tyres are fab!!!! Maybe I could borrow some off of Rob's car while he's not here!!! 😉 Shhh xx

Janette said...

Congrats.....gorgeous cards Jak......xx

JMC Creates said...

I'm beginning to think neither of my girls will ever get married lol but I'd love to make the invites etc if they ever do. I think it's so special and personal to make your own childs invitations. You always do an amazing job no matter what you do these are a beautiful start can't wait to see the rest.

dancing lady said...

Both are absolutely brilliant, there are some clever folk up your way!!!

Dawn said...

Briliant save the date cards Jak! Can't wait to see the invites!!
Love the tyre art too!
Dawn xx